Sunday, May 23, 2010

Customer Service is a Key to Buisness and Community Success!

David Burele, who hosted the Horizons Vision 2020 for Butte Communities, commented that during his extension work in community development in Australia, they discovered that a customer with a favorable customer service experience will tell 10-12 people, while a customer who has a poor experience will tell over 70 people how bad it was! THAT IS POWERFUL ADVERTISING FOR GOOD OR FOR BAD!

Customer service affects more than the individual business and its level of customer loyalty. It also affects whether our community prospers. More than 2,000,000 cars pass through Arco every year. Think about how much money these folks could spend in our community.  The amount they do spend depends on  the customer service and community impression that these travelers do get, and what they tell people about their stop in Arco.

Which would be better:
If seventy people were told, "Boy, you don't want to stop at XXXXXX in Arco, the restroom is dirty and the clerk is more interested in talking on his cellphone than helping you! 
If ten people were told, "You know, I had to stop overnight in Arco at the XXXXX, and I was really surprised.  The rooms were  clean, the bed was good, and the clerk was happy to see me!"

Tourists spend about $130 per person per day while on vacation. A family of four who stays over night in the Lost River Valley will spend about $500 per day. If 1% of those 2,000,000 vehiciles were families and stayed overnight, that would be $10,000,000 of new revenue for our valley.

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