Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Workday for Community Market Friday June 11th

Horizon’s Butte Communities in collaboration with the Arco-Butte Chamber of Commerce will hold a workday for the landscaping of the Arco Saturday Market on Friday, June 11th beginning at 9:00 AM. Water was installed on the site on Monday. Plans call for installation of a masonry wall and planting area at the corner of Grand and Front Street, decorative fencing to screen the location of the restrooms, layout of stall locations, installation of protective balusters for the water hydrant, construction of a movable cable fence to define the area and the installation of a drainage pad around the water hydrant. An attractive low sign and flower planting will be installed in the planting area by the community pride and local economy action teams. The community pride team will be working on and maintaining the planting. Members of the community who are interested in stimulating tourism and local business should show up at the site on Friday morning with wheelbarrows, shovels, paint brushes, etc. Lunch will be provided for volunteers by the Horizons Steering Committee. For additional information on the workday, call the Extension Office 527-8587.

Matt Nelson, Butte High School Art Teacher, put together this concept sketch of the Saturday Market for the Horizons Networking and Building the Local Economy team..

The Butte County Commission has permitted the Horizons Local Economy team in collaboration with the Arco-Butte Chamber of Commerce and Lost Rivers Economic Development to develop the concept of the Saturday Market on county property at the corner of Grand and Front Street. In addition to permitting the use of the land, the Commission allowed the Road and Bridge Department in cooperation with the City of Arco Maintenance e Department to level and grade the property and install a firm surface for the Saturday Market. The grading and surfacing made an immediate improvement in the appearance of the property. On Monday, Ernie Tate and Junior Collins with the collaboration of the City of Arco Maintenance Department installed water on the property.

On Monday, Ernie Tate (right) and Junior Collins (center) installed the water service with the help of the City of Arco maintenance crew. Mike Blattner, Butte County Road and Bridge Superintendent, stopped by to see what was going on. Ernie and Junior have donated their time and talents to the project.

The Saturday Market is slated to open on Saturday June 19th, and be open each Saturday until Fall. Booth space is generous and very reasonably priced. Contact Michelle, with LRED at 527-3060 for information or application forms, or find them on the Arco-Butte Chamber blog site at Vendor Information Article and Forms

Working drawing for layout of the Saturday Market, by Ernie Tate.

There is still plenty of time to sign up for these booths, and interest and inquires from out-of-town vendors are welcome.

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