Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Live Music and Fresh Vegetables Planned for Saturday Market

The shelter as it arrived on the site.

Improvements continue at the Saturday Market, held each Saturday from 9 AM till at least 1 PM each Saturday at the corner of Front and West Grand Avenue. This week’s Saturday Market will feature fresh Mountain Man Produce. Other vendors expected are Garner’s Lumber with camp firewood, the Lost River Marketing Coop with crafts and Lost River Vermiculture. Live music is anticipated from Mark Wheeler and his daughter Nicole and the Rockhead, from the Arco Baptist Church.

Tom Gucker and Jory Twitchell
put up the rafters.
Dean Bruderer and Ernie Tate install
brace on gable.
Mountain Man Produce will feature the last of the Idaho cherries and apricots, as well as Idaho green beans and potatoes, along with a complete line of fruits and vegetables. The Butte Chamber of Commerce will provide “unlimited” free lemonade (while it lasts) with cups available for $0.50, as well as Atomic Days T-shirts.
Jake Amy and Jerry Twitchell
take a break before helping put
on the roof
Additional vendors are welcome. The fee for a space is $10 each week or $75 for the season. Vendors are responsible for their own permits, licenses, taxes, and insurance, etc. “Walk-ons” are welcome while space is available. Vendors with reservations will receive priority. The committee reserves the right to refuse vendors or merchandize that is deemed inappropriate or duplicates items already being offered. Fees may be waived by the committee for charitable fund raising activities. Call 527-3060 or 527-8587 to make a reservation. Vendors are invited to participate in an advisory committee for the market.

A “grand opening” is planned for Saturday, August 7th, which may include an evening dance.

Shelter is ready to keep the sun off of visitors after the
scaffolding is moved.  More trim and sheathing for the posts
to come.
This week a Horizons work crew erected a 18 x 20 foot steel shelter donated by Coast to Coast Car Ports, and arranged for by Tim Traughber of Advanced Autoworks, the local dealer for Coast to Coast. The shelter will provide a place for visitors to the Market to get out of the Sun. The construction crew included Dean Bruderer, Tom Gucker from Metal Specialties, Jerry Twitchell, Jory Twitchell, Jake Amy, Ernie Tate and Chad Cheyney.

The Saturday Market is a partnership of the Horizons Local Economy Action Team, the Butte Chamber of Commerce, LRED, Butte County and the City of Arco. It is intended to get travelers to stop and shop some in the Lost River Valley.

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