Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome Wagon Hotline 527-3060 Ext 15!

By Marty Webster and Cameron Young, Horizon Community Reporters

Do you know a new comer to Butte County? Help the Butte Communities Welcome Wagon welcome new residents with a basket of coupons and helpful information about living in Butte County. Call the “Welcome Wagon Hotline” at 527-3060 Ext 15 and leave contact information about new residents and the Welcome Wagon will call on them with a ;’basket of goodies.

The Welcome Wagon was started by the Building Community Action Team of the Horizons Community Development Project and is now co-sponsored by the Butte County Chamber of Commerce. The program started small with coupons and gifts from just a few businesses, but has now expanded with the co-sponsorship to include everything kind of business and service from the newspaper to city services to convenience stores.
So if you have a new neighbor to the county, give us a call and someone will visit them and present them with gifts, coupons and information about our community!

Welcome Wagon Hotline 527-3060 Ext 15!

If you are a merchant, service provider, community service organization, government entity, religious organization or other entity wishing to contribute to the welcome wagon program with materials or support, please call the Welcome Wagon Hotline and leave a message, and we will get back to you!

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