Friday, September 24, 2010

An Input-Output Model for Butte County

Dr. Abelardo Rodriguez from the University of Idaho, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, is interested in building an input-model for the Butte County and or the central Idaho region.  This model would also be a "social accounting" model that would also tell us how changes in our economy affect people at different socio-economic levels.  These models provide good documentation for grant applications and negotiations with other governmental agencies.  Since these models tease out "hidden" connections in the economy, they are helpful in predicting the outcome of good or bad changes in the economy and may help focus community discussions on where short and long-term economic development efforts should be focused.

With the recent deep cuts in personnel and travel budgets at the University, Dr. Rodriguez will need our help to fund the necessary travel to work with the community to be sure that the model reflects our situation, and to come and report to the community on the results.

To see and example of this type of work for the Teton Region, go to

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