Friday, November 12, 2010

Citizen and Business of the Year Nominations

The Butte County Chamber of Commerce would like to thank those who recognized the contributions of businesses and individuals to our life in the Lost Rivers Valleys, and who took the time to nominate them for this awards process.

The selection process will be a combination of public input and the deliberations of a select committee. Each portion of the evaluation will be equally weighted numerically and the final score computed to determine the successful nomination for 2010. If you wish to participate in the public input, please send a signed post card or letter to the Chamber of Commerce at POB 837, Arco, ID 83213. Simply write the name of the nominee you prefer for citizen of the year and for business of the year and sign your name. If you prefer, you may send your vote by email to Please put “RECOGNITION” in the subject line of your email. Points will be allocated to the nominees based on the total number of votes cast. All votes must be in the hands of the Chamber by 5 PM on Wednesday, November 17th. All voting is intended to be confidential.

The nominee with the highest number of points from popular support and from the committee evaluation will be the citizen or business of the year. The presentation will be made at the Chamber Dinner Theatre and Recognition Program on Friday, November 19th.

The following individuals and business have been nominated for citizen and are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Citizen of the Year Nominations

Bill LaBounty
In my short time here in the community, I have seen him extending himself for the betterment of our valley. I appreciate his efforts in the Horizons Committee and the Moore Community Association. I see him as a man with vision and ideas that moves in a forward direction. He is good at personal relationships which allow him to delegate and officiate showing positive results for his efforts.

I am grateful to see that the projects he has invested his time in were beneficial to us all and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank him. I look forward to supporting him in his future endeavors for our valley!

Judy Lish
I would like to nominate Judy Lish for citizen of the year.] An advocate for the education, Judy has enthusiastically served as a trustee for the school district for over 20 years. With integrity and fearsome determination she takes our challenges and out successes to the legislators and to the streets to fight for our communities children. Utilizing the resources of her local business, Judy has undertaken the battle of underage drinking emulating pride in our community with her contribution of “We Are Butte” t-shirts. She also provides positive work experiences for many local youth trough work-release and special needs services! Moreover, Judy saves lives-literally! Characteristically going above and beyond, Judy spends many hours volunteering as an ambulance driver. Judy’s contributions to this community are countless and we … are happy to call her one of Butte County’s finest citizens!

Gayla Parkinson
I would like to nominate Gayla Parkinson for this honor. In the past couple of years she has done a lot to help the citizens of Arco and surrounding areas with food storage needs. She has purchased a canner and set it up in the Drive In, so people can their dry goods and increase the shelf life of those items. She has made numerous trips around the state to pick up grains, beans, powdered milk, and many other items, and made them available to us. I don't think this has been a money maker for her, but she helps us anyway. She is always cheerful, even when she is stressed and trying to make sure every order is filled. She has not limited this service to anyone in particular.

Gayla Parkinson has served us all well!

Cindy Reed
I would like to nominate Cindy Reed for Butte County citizen of the year. Cindy is a lifelong resident of Idaho. Spending her childhood in Sterling and Tendoy, Idaho, then residing in Rockford. Spending the last five (5) years in Butte County where she is currently Lions Club President, instrumental in community activities, like Blizzard Mountain ski hill, the Lions trap shoot and other activities. A member of the Horizon’s Steering Committee, an active 4-H livestock leader and supporter. In addition to holding a full-time job at Tractor Sales in Idaho Falls, and delivering parts to many local farmers and ranchers on her way home at night to her family west of Arco.

Gaylen and Rachel Schuldt

I would like to nominate Gaylen and Rachel Schuldt as Butte County Citizen of the Year. Gaylen and Rachel have been extensively involved the Community Parks and Recreation organization. They have organized and run the youth soccer programs. Gaylen and Rachel love to play softball, and have participated in the city league since they moved here. Gaylen took on the organization of the city adult softball league and tournament for 2010. He also took on running the Atomic Days and men’s tournaments for July and August 2010. They have both been actively involved the Arco Elementary PTA. Rachel was the secretary for the 2009-11 school year, and she organized the Reflections program for 2009 and 2010. Gaylen is the treasurer for the 2010-11 school year. They both help with any activity for PTA puts on. Rachel taught school at the Family Academy for the 2008-09 and 2009-10 school years. She is currently the 6th grade teacher at Butte middle School. They are very active in the community and they are both always willing to help or head up andy project asked of them. I believe they both deserve to be citizen of the year.

Mark Stauffer
I have worked closely with Mark Stauffer both as Chairman of the Lost Rivers Economic Development Board of Directors and as a Butte County Commissioner. Though the many boards and organizations Mark dedicates time are too numerous to mention, they have all benefited from his passion and zeal for the long term success of Butte County. He has been Chairman of the Lost Rivers Economic Development Board for the last 6 years and is retiring from the Butte County Board of Commissioners at the end of the year after 18 years of service. I can’t see a better way to honor those years of service to our community than by nominating Mark for Citizen of the Year.

I have found Mark to be a very collaborative, visionary leader who is always willing to look out for everyone’s best interest, not just those of his own constituents, able to make the tough decision when necessary and knowing he won’t be popular for them. He is always willing to lead by example like the many hours he work right along other volunteers for the County Wood Program.
Elaine Twitchell
I would like to nominate Elaine Twitchell to be Citizen of the Year. Elaine has been active in helping several organizations this past year.
1. Elaine was Atomic Days Chairman again this year for the 3rd year in a row.
2. Elaine is the treasurer for the Parks and Rec. for 5 years and running.
3. Elaine was the Chairperson for the 2nd annual Arco Duck Race and gathered all the prizes that were awarded.
4. She has help put together the Arco Softball Tournament this year and years past including gathering prizes for this event.
5. Currently active in Arco Elementary PTA and has served as past President and past Vice-President.
6. Amongst all her volunteer work she works part-time at East Idaho Credit Union.
7. Elaine continually supports her boys in their academics and athletics.
8. Elaine is actively engaged in Church service and mentoring in the young women’s group at her Church.
9. Elaine continually supports and helps her husband Jory in his various projects.

In talking to her husband while, I was gathering all this information, he stated that even with all her time spent volunteering she is still an excellent homemaker, mother, wife and an excellent cook. If there is a community event being put together you will more than likely see Elaine volunteering her time to help make the event successful.

Tim Williams
I would like to nominate Tim C. Williams of Arco for this year’s Citizen of the Year Award. Tim has served in this community for almost 40 years, the fire department as an Assistant Chief and the EMTs. Tim puts on a wonderful 4th of July fireworks show. He often pays for the fireworks out of pocket when the money from the firecracker cans around town doesn’t cover all the cost. People don’t realize what a gem we have to have a qualified pyrotechnical technician living amongst us who doesn’t charge the town to put on a 4th of July show in which he always has and will remain doing so. ….After talking to a licensed manufacturer he joined the Western Pyrotechnical Association and became licensed to manufacture fireworks and learned how fireworks were made and learned how to fire electronically and remotely at such places like the Rexburg Dance Festival and our very own Butte Pirate football games, when a touchdown is made. He has displayed shows in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Alaska, participating with pyrotechnical teams including China at the 2001 Salt Lake Winter Games. Williams and his wife Ardith have been there during many sports events not only to cheer the team on but to insure if a player is injured they receive help…He spent 3 years in Germany in the Army as an aircraft mechanic, an important service to our country. … A lot of memorable experiences as a volunteer too many to mention, Tim recalls the one that sticks out the most was performing CPR saving a life, with the combined efforts from a lot of those working as a team. This person is still walking around today.

There are all kinds of Heroes…. and our Community Heroes who do great things are sometimes taken for granted. Those in the military, those who volunteer in our valley to protect our lives and property. These and others as well as the firefighter job is often thankless with the number of hours of training, the cold nights when woken up rudely by the sounds of an alarm. Seeing Tim with the radio on his hip, he’s always ready to go. And that is why he deserves to be this year’s Citizen of the Year 2010.

Business of the Year Nominations

Arco Service

I would like to nominate Arco Service to be the Business of the Year.

Mike and Tisha Kozloff purchased and took over Arco Service earlier this year and have continued to improve their business. They have continued the traditions of the previous owners and improved on some. They have added new food items to the food service of the business to give their customers a wider selection. Their employees are friendly and I have observed several times while I have been in the store their employees showing great customer service. They are friendly and greet their customers as they enter the store and when asked questions from people traveling through giving directions and information on local attractions. This business is a good example of great customer service.

Craters of the Moon KOA
Neil and Sherry Partyka have set a wonderful example over the past two years of how creativity and capital investment can position a business to grow and thrive by creating a unique and enjoyable customer experience. Their hard work really shows as you take a walk around the campground. The grounds and buildings are well kept, they have used the KOA brand consistently to market their business including shirts, signs, color schemes and the like. Additions like the sleeping cabins, swimming pool , recumbent bikes and activities, like outdoor movies, ice cream socials, pancake breakfasts and more have added not only to their visitors’ experience but to our community’s options for recreation as well. According to Neil, the KOA doubled their business this past summer and it is sure easy to see why. I expect we will continue to see growth and expansion from this business in the coming years.

The Galloping Goose
[nomination ] of the Galloping Goose as local business of the year! ……. Utilizing the resources of her local business, Judy has undertaken the battle of underage drinking emulating pride in our community with her contribution of “We Are Butte” t-shirts. She also provides positive work experiences for many local youth trough work-release and special needs services! …

Lost River Drive-In
We would like to nominate Gayla Parkinson for Business Woman of the Year. She has been the owner of the Lost River Drive Inn for many years. She has also brought to our valley the convenience of Food Storage and emergency items. For people all over the valley, from Howe to Challis. She has spent many hours on-line and the telephone to many food distribution companies making deals for large or small amounts of dry goods or fresh supplies for winter throughout the year so we will have plenty of feed on our tables for family and friends. She purchased a canning machine to can dry foods for longer shelf life. Everyone in the valley can use this machine. She charges so little and went many miles using her own gas and volunteers at the Bountiful Basket to bring in low cost fruit and vegetables to the valley. She asks nothing in return for all she does. Gayla is a remarkable woman. She holds her family close and when her husband Scott was injured this summer, she has still helped this valley make it through another winter, while waiting the many hours in hospital or on the road picking up the food at no cost to us. She has proven she is an outstanding person and we think that she the best choice for Business Woman of the Year.

Metal Specialties
I would like to put “Tom & Pat Gucker” with Metal Specialties as business of the year for all they have do to help out this last year for many of the things that went on they were always they to help or donate.

Pickles Place
We below want to nominate our boss, John M. Danz, owner of Pickles Place and inventor of John’s Spice & Seasoning. John has a long history of helping the community. J.C.’s, Chamber of Commerce, Atomic Days, Easter egg hunts. He is the go-to-man for any organization who is putting on a feed. He’s there to order food, give advise, supply equipment, and even cook the food for them to sell. It’s a good thing there is only 24 hours in a day because here are a lot of days John uses just about all of them.

Not only is John a successful business man, he is a good husband and father. No matter how busy he is he always makes time for his family. Camping with friends and going snowmobiling are some of the fun things they do.

John is always there to donate his time, spice and money to the many clubs and others looking for help. Thy just don’t get any better than John: businessman, salesman, community leader, husband, father and boss. We all couldn’t ask for any better. That is why we want to nominate John M. Danz for Business of the Year.

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