Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Webinar on Training Employees and Volunteers February 1

Greetings colleagues -- Please share the information below with all that might be interested. Anyone who is routinely faced with the need to train others -- volunteers or employees -- and would like to learn how to do so more effectively will benefit from this free training.

Now I Get It! Getting More from Staff Training

On Tuesday, February 1, 2011 join nonprofit consultant Kat Morgan and UVM Extension Specialist Mary Peabody for an interactive webinar on proven strategies to improve your staff training and development efforts. The webinar, part of a monthly series hosted by UVM Extension, will explore how to get the most from your training and development efforts.

Small, mission-centered organizations are facing tough times. Whether you rely on paid staff, volunteers or Board members we are all trying to do more with less and we have to be resource-smart to survive. Typically, staff training and development are not activities we can afford to prioritize but neither are they activities we can afford to ignore. The solution: make every training and development opportunity count!

Most often, on-the-job training is the only type of training we have the time or resources to offer; so we need to manage it successfully. When success matters it is not only the message that is important but also how that message is delivered. So how do we ensure that our on-the-job training is effective?

Experiential learning works! Adults learn best when what we focus on is relevant, practical, useful, and actionable. The model of experiential learning Kat will focus on in this webinar has been validated by research. David Kolb’s model identifies an experiential learning cycle that includes four discrete learning styles. Research documents that if learners are trained using more than one style, their retention of new skills and knowledge improves. If all four styles are used, retention dramatically increases. Given the limited time and money most nonprofits have for training, why not maximize our on-the-job training efficiency and effectiveness and do it well the first time?

With proper training we can lengthen our reach, strengthen our impact, and increase our effectiveness. With well-designed training and development, staff can grow professionally and personally, gain valuable skills, and understand even more clearly how important they are and how much they are valued. Without effective development, turnover rates increase, productivity decreases, and staff struggle with inefficiency, burnout, and performance issues.

This interactive webinar is part of the University of Vermont Extension’s Building Capacity series. The mission of this project is to provide education and technical assistance to build leadership for the nonprofit sector as well as small associations, boards, committees and commissions. The webinar will take place Tuesday, February 1 from 11am – 12:15pm.

No pre-registration is required and there is no fee to participate. About 10 minutes prior to the start time simply go the Elluminate meeting room at You will be presented with a login screen that has an "Enter as Guest" option. Enter your full name and click "Enter Room" to join the conference. You will be able to hear the audio directly from your computer’s speakers.


Mary Peabody, UVM Extension Specialist, Community & Economic Development

Associate Director, Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development

617 Comstock Road, Suite 5

Berlin, VT 05602-9194

Phone: 802-223-2389 extension 202

or tollfree: 866-860-1382 extension 202

Fax: 802-223-6500


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