Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Market Organizational Meeting Monday January 17th

Your Input is Important to Us
You are invited to help organize the Butte County Saturday Market Committee!

As a vendor of the Saturday Market in Arco this past year or a potential vendor for the upcoming market year, you are cordially invited to attend the an organizational meeting of the Saturday Market Committee. Any participating or potential vendor is automatically considered a member of this committee. The Saturday Market operates under the auspices of the Horizons Steering Committee, and the Butte County Chamber of Commerce. It is the desire of these two organizations to help with, but not to actively manage the Saturday Market. We realize that in order for the market to succeed and grow, those whom are actively participating are the key to its success. Please join us.

Where: Arco Business Incubation Center (BIC building), in the North side large conference room.
When: Monday, January 17th, 2011
Time: 7:00 PM
Agenda: & any other questions or comments you may have
 Discuss what worked, market dates, times and duration of the market.
 Vendor fees, expenses, insurance, sales tax and financial management.
 Desirable market infrastructure improvements
 Determining the need for and identification of an enthusiastic and committed market manager
 Identify potential vendors to contact for involvement in market
 Identify needed diversity in vendors at market
 Ideas needed to locate a dependable food vendor

For further information contact Chad Cheyney at his office at 260 West Grand, west of the Butte County Court House, or by email at or by phone at 527-8587.

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