Monday, January 24, 2011

A Solution for the Social Security?

The current Social Security System arrangement is part of a growing "structural deficit" in the national budget.  There is plenty of hue and cry about what to do about it, not to mention fear.  The Chamber leadership received the following email, with links to an organization that purports to have a solution.  If you are interested in their proposed solution, follow the links below....Chad
From: Jim Gries []
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 8:26 AM
Subject: Jobs - Jobs - Jobs
Please pass this along to your chamber leadership team.
As you’re well aware, communities all across America are facing significant financial challenges, jobs, foreclosures, infrastructure funding; just to mention a few. It’s small businesses in your community, and across America that produce jobs for average working Americans, those whose backs we all ride to our prosperity; if we destroy them, we destroy America. We’ve developed a comprehensive, community based long term solution that begins pumping millions of dollars into communities like yours. If we can get this legislation passed, millions of average working Americans, their families and the communities they call home will begin to prosper again.

I’m asking you to share these two links with your chamber leadership team and membership so we might raise our collective voices, and get behind a real solution. Additionally, If you desire I’m available to set up a conference call (up to 100) to field any questions, comments, or suggestions you and/or your membership might have. Please advise as to your interest.

The Issues:

The Plan:

PS: We are NON-Political

Thanks in advance, & have a great day
Jim Gries


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