Friday, February 4, 2011

Chamber General Meeting Tuesday February 8th

The Butte County Chamber of Commerce will hold their monthly regular membership meeting on Tuesday, February 8th at 8:00 AM.  This month we will meet at the Deli Sandwich Shop.  Our featured business for this month is Northwest Computer.  The minutes of last months meeting follow.

Butte County Chamber of Commerce
January 11, 2011

Present Janet Thornock, Richard Dean, Ernie Tate, Chad Cheyney, Colette Atwood, Sherry Partyka (won the early bird gift) Melinda Shodin.

Cheyney called the meeting to order at 8:05 AM

Chad read December minutes. Approved by Colette and Richard Dean.

Financial report read by Janet. Reimbursement on grant money is slow coming per Michelle Holt. Bills paid $119.40 to Northwest Computer for web page and $64.00 phone bill Pd.

Colette will check on chamber phone number and why it can’t just ring into Carrie at BIC center?

Have promise for Money from Economic development for Saturday market signs.

Seasonal yard lighting contest Coordinator to advertise and publicize and have create voting

then have the public vote on it this is for next year. Colette suggested & will contact Judy Hamilton who is already doing festival of trees and maybe she could suggest someone

Ernie will handle taking down the Christmas lights from the two trees on Front Street. Valley Insurance has boxes and boxes of Christmas lights to donate for lighting trees on Front Street but need a way to place electrical under each tree so as not to kill trees. Possible solution would be to trench away from each tree and then run a single line into each tree. Ernie under the direction of Neil Lish can do the work. Hopefully get the work done this summer.

Atomic Days Head coordinator needs to be found. Elaine would be willing to assist and consult. Also need someone to oversee the Rodeo with Crystal and Brad. Need to assist with accounting & funds system. (Tory & Angela Anderson?) Melinda Shodin prepared to accept rodeo concessions and follow through with food.

Community Preparedness Symposium sponsored by Horizons Life Long Learning is April 9th. To help getting resources to back up in crisis times like power outages. Bring vendors in like Preparedness Store from IF. Patricia King is heading up event. Cooking, canning classes and Arlene & Lin Pearson and David Henry. Target is for people to gain knowledge on how to survive in hard times.

2nd Annual King Mountain Car & Tractor Show headed up by Bill LaBounty. Chamber breakfast was a break even event. Does the chamber want to continue with breakfast?

Chad Cheyney said Andy’s Gun Shop could assist with a 0.17 rifle with scope for varmints and small game and raffle should bring in around $4000.00 and drawn at the time of the Atomic Days rodeo. Janet motion and Ernie second to support gun raffle to assist a buffer fund for Atomic Days rodeo. Tickets are very successful selling at the INL site.

Fundraisers Hypno Show. Sell tickets at door only instead of pre-sale. It was suggested a donation of a can of food to get $1.00 off ticket price. Last year price was $600.00 for one show and $900.00 for two. Need to pick a date and schedule the school auditorium. Janet will oversee the project. Possibly sometime in March.

Other fund raiser possibilities are Harlem Globetrotter style basketball game.

Todayz Idaho Publishing Magazine contacting is state Chambers.

Idaho Travel Council hosting two day event to help give ideas for local communities for hosting events.

Chamber Dues are to be paid when? Thinking February to February?

Chad received boxes of Idaho Magazines that could be placed at BIC Center.

Officers: President, Past President, Vice President, Treasurer, & Secretary. Five board members makes up Chamber committee. Need suggestions for possible replacements.

Next Meeting set at Deli Sandwich Shop Feb. at 8:00am

Need to somehow involve more businesses to assist with small parts of different functions so that no one individually gets burned out. Need not to be a paid chamber member. Any one or any business associate could be asked. How about decals and/or certificate for store windows for recognition? Janet will look into decals.
Adjourned 9:45am

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