Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chamber Meeting Tuesday February 8th, 8 AM at the Deli

To:         Butte County Chamber of Commerce and     Lost River Businesses

From:    Chad Cheyney,
              Vice President 

RE:         Regular February Membership Meeting

The regular membership meeting of the Butte County Chamber of Commerce, held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, will take place
Tuesday February 8th at 8:00 AM at the Deli Sandwich Shop.

Our featured business for this month is Northwest Computer Professionals.  We expect Vince Bush will be at the meeting to tell us about his current business and plans for the future.  Vince is also the Chamber’s webmaster and did a great job on the new Chamber site at  If you have upcoming events or activities, they can be posted to the calendar. Besides computer equipment sales and repairs, Northwest Computer Professionals also offers website construction and hosting. Check out their website:

Featured businesses are asked to make a short presentation at a Chamber meeting about their business, and are featured on the top page of the Chamber website.  If you would like to have  your business featured or know of an interesting business to feature contact Chad at  or 527-8587.  Chamber members who do not have a website, can have a static page built by Vince, and your url will be in the business and membership directors with a hyperlink to your page.

You should also check out the Chambers electronic newsletter or blog at :  If you are interested in posting relevant information to the blog, contact me and I can make you an “author”.  There have recently been a number of webinars related to using social media to promote your business.

Its not too early to begin working on Atomic Days.  The crew of the nuclear submarine floating dry dock ARCO are interested in reestablishing a relationship with the City of Arco, and have been invited to attend Atomic Days.  Melisa Shodin has agreed to lead the concession for the rodeo.  The Chamber is still looking for an  overall chair person to coordinate the efforts and advertising of the various venues, etc.  Coaching and backup is available.

The Horizons/Chamber has met with individuals interested in continuing the Saturday Market.  This year’s market will be listed in the Idaho Department of Agriculture literature.  At the meeting the group decided to look seriously into moving the time from morning to late afternoon and evening.  There will be an effort made to have a food vendor at each session and the kinds and source of items permitted to be sold will be significantly eased.  The Saturday Market corner has been used for an ice skating rink this winter and has been pretty well used.  An “expert” on outdoor ice, let the rink crew know that it was the “best outdoor ice he has skated on in 20 years!”.  The Saturday Market vendors will have another meeting to work on their plans the 3rd Monday in March—anyone interested is invited.  Watch the blog for details.  The Saturday Market committee is looking for someone interested in “managing and recruiting” for the market.  Over 2,000,000 cars pass the Saturday Market corner every year.

The Chamber has lined up the “Hypno Show” for one show in March.  This and other fund raisers are used to cover the expenses of the citizen of the year program and the high school recognition program, etc.

It is also time to change Chamber Officers.  If you might be interested in serving as an officer, some clerical and office support is available.

Agenda for Tuesday
Call to order
Treasurers Report
Featured Business Presentation : Northwest Computer Professionals
Annual Calender
              Seasonal electricity distribution for lights along Front Street during the Holidays
              “Hypno Show”
              Raffle to establish a “backup fund” for the Atomic Days Rodeo
              Annual Calendar
              Atomic Days
              Saturday Market
              King Mountain Car Show Breakfast
              Dinner Theatre
              Citizen / Business of the Year
              Honoring High School Academic Excellence
Other Business

Charles Cheyney
Extension Professor / Extension Agent
260 West Grand Avenue
PO Box 832
Arco, ID  83213
Central Idaho Extension Blog

208-527-8587  voice/fax

We have done so much with so little that we can now accomplish almost anything with nothing!

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