Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chamber Minutes from February, 2011

Butte County Chamber of Commerce
February 8, 2011

Present Chad Cheyney, Ernie Tate, Colette Atwood, Melinda Shodin, Sheri Partyka, Tyler Victor (won the early bird gift), Todd Victor, Richard Dean, Vince Bush.

Chad called the meeting to order at 8:05am

Colette read the January minutes. A motion to approve by Ernie and Sheri seconded; approved.

Spotlight Business: Vince Bush from Northwest computer has been building websites since 1995. Worked with a business in Oxnard California and was responsible for a website with over 20,000 pages. He knows technical hosts and email end of programming. He has helped develop the chamber web page and can create a page for each chamber business. When someone is looking to move to a town, their usual contact is from a
web page from the Chamber of Commerce and can usually obtain a moving packet with information on local business’s, school, housing, and area attractions. The Webpage is a good representation of the community. Keeping it positive, most people will return to the webpage. The chamber webpage will continue to spotlight one business a month. All local businesses are welcome to help Vince by getting their business information, including images to him and following up with feedback. The more the better. The more links & connections will bring business higher on the list of search engines. Any business that is a chamber member will be provided a single static webpage and will be linked to the chamber webpage and the businesses that already have a webpage can be linked with the Chamber and double their chances of being noticed.

Often businesses ask what they get with their chamber dues of $ 50.00 a year and want to see something for money paid. Tyler Victor (part owner in the Arco Inn) said they have a web site in conjunction with Lava Hot Springs Chamber and they get a lot of referral business from it. He has tracking on his Arco webpage and he has had 20 to 25 hits on it in January which is a slow time of year, and said that is worth the $50.00 alone. Having a more developed business web page could attract more hits and paying $20.000 to $25.00 more on top of dues could help both business and chamber.

Melinda suggested a possible Gold, Silver or Bronze membership allowing extra to the websites or extra pages doubling the search chances. It was discussed about listing all businesses, including non chamber members but with restrictions. Sheri from the KOA had a prospective customer call from back east, asking about fishing in the area. Noticed nothing mentioned about fishing on the website and could not give him any information. Tyler Victor said Arco Chamber dues are cheap. His dues in Lava Hot Springs are $125.00 a year. In Burley they are $260.00 a year and in Challis they are $60.00 a year. Often businesses ask what they get with their Arco chamber dues of $ 50.00 a year and want to see something for money paid, a Chamber webpage is worth a business investment. It was recommended to keep the home webpage functional and easy to navigate. Do not want to overdo it or cause confusion while going over it.

Sheri discussed the trees on Front Street that need electrical power for Christmas lights. One of the trees already looks dead. Chad assured it will come back id it can get water regularly.

Ernie suggest Membership dues be advertised with small newspaper ads.

Chad suggested a need to come up with a chamber benefit list. This would also help educate businesses about chamber benefits. A questionnaire sheet has been developed to send to all businesses via email or USPS to every chamber member & non-member for opinions and ideas for improvement.

The Economic Development has backed out of helping with the Chamber newsletters (There’s a surprise state by Tyler Victor) Melinda Shodin has volunteered to do the chamber newsletter and presented a example newsletter for viewing.

Financial report read by Chad. Melinda moved to accept and second by Sheri. Motion carried.

Ernie suggested membership dues be advertised with small newspaper ads. Sheri moved to keep chamber dues at $50.00 a year with no proration for joining late in the year. Ernie second. Motion carried.

The Chamber made about $300.00 to $400.00 on two Hypno shows last year. One show will be hosted this year on March 19th with Janet Thornock overseeing it. Tickets will be sold at the door. Need to get advertising it right away.

The Annual Calendar was presented and suggestions were asked for about adding or removing events.

Contact or email Chad with thoughts on April or November Dinner Theater Show and Citizen /Business of the year.

Motion was made by Todd to continue Honoring High School Academics in Excellence and second by Sheri. Motion carried.

The Saturday Market is looking at moving the market to late afternoon and evening .

King Mt. Car Show in Moore will be Friday night and Saturday this year. Ernie moved for chamber to cook the breakfast again this year and second by Sheri. Motion carried.

Atomic Days is biggest event. We are still looking for Chairman.

Talked about possible street post banner flags to be purchased and displayed.

A motion was made to accept Carnival again this year and second by Todd. Motion carried.

Tyler Victor said the Atomic Days are the # 1 best days for business for him followed by carry over from hang gliders or events up the Valley. Softball tournaments are also good business days. He felt that the Craters of the Moon does have an positive impact consistently through the summer.

Chad asked if Chamber wants to continue sponsoring an ad on the Lions club calendar. Issue was tabled for later discussion.

Meeting Adjourned 10:05am

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