Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spot Light on Business: Lost River Drug

Business of the Month Lost River Drug

Lost River Drug is a clean and pleasant business on West Grand in Arco. In addition to the pharmacy, Lost River Drug carries a complete line of over-the-counter medications, gifts and cards, health supplements, herbal preparations, a “dollar department”, TSA packaged travel items and a toy section for kids. They also have espresso (after the machine gets repaired), and Italian sodas.

Propietor Steve Streeper
Steve Streeper first came to the Lost Rivers Valley in the 1980 to help out Marlin Felton who owned Lost River Drug at that time. Later Marlin become ill and Steve and several other pharmacists came regularly to Lost River Drug to keep the pharmacy open. In 2008, Steve had just finished setting up a pharmacy for another firm, and learned that Lost River Drug was for sale. He and his wife Pat scraped enough together to purchase the business. The subsequently purchased some land a little North of Arco and built a home.

The Toy Department
Until 2008 the Streeper’s had been leasing the building. In that year they experienced a severe roof failure. While insurance covered the loss, Steve discovered that the roof of the building was only one layer of tongue and groove lumber with no insulation at all. With help from Ernie Tate of TCS Inspections, Steve upgraded the insulation, installed a new heating system and a heat pump. These improvements reduced his winter utility bills for electricity and propane from about $1000 per month to about $300. In addition to remodeling the business, Steve installed a special phone system to help serve his clients. You can call in anytime with your prescription number and it will be refilled in the morning.

While Lost River Drug cannot compete with the big box pharmacies on every prescription, Steve says that he is pretty sure that he will be less expensive and closer to home if you consider all of your pharmacy needs. Stop by and he will be happy to review your prescription costs with you.

Gifts and Expresso

In addition to Steve and his wife Pat, Kari Jardine, Jordan Jardine, Jason Maynard, Kaleena West and Marva Barnes are anxious to serve you. When you are looking for the special gift, check out Lost River Drug. Shopping at home is better than you think!

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