Friday, May 13, 2011

Seniors and Instructor Recognized for Accomplishments by Chamber

The Butte Chamber of Commerce Academic Awards Luncheon was held Tuesday May 10th in the Butte County High School Library.  The Chamber recognized 5 seniors for academic excellence, 2 of academic improvement and dedication.  A teacher was selected by the students as "most influential".  Each winner will received a plaque, sponsored by a local business or individual. 
(back left) Zack Hansen, Nathan Davies, Jason Hnasen, Titus Wilson, Chelsea Pope
(front left) Sadie Andreason, Ben Isham, Madison Potter Aird

Top Seniors Award-Recognized for Academic Excellence

Zach Hansen, sponsored by Valley Insurance , and his plaque presented by Richard Hansen, a partner in Valley Insurance.  Zach' parents, Mike and Carla Hansen were present for the presentation.

Madison Potter Aird with Tony and
Annet Potter.  Sponsor Lanell Farmer (left)
for the Bank of Commerce
Madison Potter Aird was sponsored by the Bank of Commerce, and presented by Lanell Farmer, Operations Officer.  Madision's parents,  Tony and Annette Potter were present for the award.

Sadi Andreason with her parents Dave
and Sheri. Sponsor Colette Atwood for ATC
Sadi Andreason was sponsored by ATC Communications, and presented by Colette Atwood, Arco manager.  Sadi's parents, Dave and Sheri Andreason were present for the award.

Nathan Davies with parents Kim and
Cynthia.  Chad Cheyney (left) for
sponsor Gene Davies Automotive
Nathan Davies was sponsored by Gene Davies Automotive, and presented by Chad Cheyney for Gene Davies, owner of Gene Davies Automotive.  Nathan's parents Kim and Cythia Davies were present for the award.

Chelsie Pope was sponsored by L P Barnes Real Estate, and presented by Larry Barnes.  Chelsie's mother, Lucy, and grandmother Carol Pope were present for the award. 

Most Dedicated Seniors

Titus Wilson with his father, John.  Sponsor
Janet Thornock for East Idaho Credit
 Titus Wilson was  sponsored by the Eastern Idaho Credit Union, and presented by Janet Thornock, manager of the East Idaho Credit Union.

Ben Isham was sponsored by Metal Specialties and Hardware, and presented by Chad Cheyney for Tom and Pat Gucker owners of Metal Specialties.  Ben's parents,  Jeff and Kelly Isham were present for the award.

Most Influential Teacher:
Jason Hansen, sponsored by the University of Idaho Extension, Eastern District, District Director Barbara Petty and presented by Chad Cheyney, University of Idaho Extension Educator for Butte County.  Jasons wife, Brecia, and his colleagues Vicki Northrup, high school counselor and Robert Chambers, principle were present for the award.

The recipients provided brief impromptu presentation about their outside interest, near term plan, and "what do you want to do when you grow up?" The luncheon is open to Chamber members, sponsors and parents and family and guests of those to be recognized.

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