Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spotlight on Business: Deja Vu Consignments

By Chad Cheyney, Butte Chamber of Commerce
There is a new business in town for old things! Linda Nulf has opened a second hand and consignment store in the old Western Auto Store between the Bank of Commerce and the Sawtooth Club. The store is currently open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 AM-4 PM. Friday, October 7th, Linda is planning her grand opening, at 10 AM, and after that the store will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 AM to 4 PM. Linda is in the store from Thursday to Saturday, and her friend Connie Waymire staffs the store for her on Tuesdays. Linda can be reached at 208-541-9696.

The store is a treasure trove of second hand items in great condition! There is some of everything, from baby clothing to power tools; from jewelry to school supplies and children’s books; from purses to even a piano! Linda said, “The community response has been great,” but she still is holding on to her “day job” for a while until the business gets its feet under it.

Linda got into the consignment business because she loves going to consignment and second-hand stores and “trolling” for interesting items. She met the operator of a consignment store in Idaho Falls, who encouraged her in the business and provided many useful tips.

Linda has the inside of the old building nicely cleaned up. She personally refinished the floor and they have cleaned up all the paneling. The antique copper ceiling is very interesting, but will require a lot of work to restore. All the items for sale are attractively displayed. Linda is planning to eventually open the west side of the building as well, but she says, “It will take a lot of work.”

Déjà vu takes consignments and donations. Consignees permit Linda to set the price of the items and when it sells, they split the price 50/50. Nulf uses a contract with the consignees to insure that everyone understands the arrangements. Linda currently has 35 consigners. Asked how she prices things, she replied, “I try to keep thinks affordable for everyone in the community.

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