Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Credible Connections – An Outreach Opportunity for Your Organization!

What are the burning issues in your community? Economic Development? Jobs? Education?

The Idaho Commission for Libraries through its online @ your library grant project -- in collaboration with Idaho Department of Labor and Adult Basic Education/PTE -- will be hosting a 2-hour networking session in a community near you to connect with individuals who have resources to address those burning issues. Join in the conversation with your local library and get connected with the people and resources that will make a difference for your community.

Why? During the past year and a half, the Idaho Commission for Libraries has provided enhanced broadband connectivity and Public Computing Centers to rural communities throughout Idaho as well as provided access to a number of online resources for all Idahoans through their public and school libraries, such as LearningExpress Library and Scout. We are gathering great stories that address the positive impact these resources have had on people’s lives – enhancing educational and workforce development opportunities.

As with any project, connections and education are sustainability factors – and this one is no different. There are many initiatives surrounding education, job skill development, and economics that are available and it is our goal to connect community leaders with local and state resources, so they can take the next step toward achieving their goals.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity. Along with a resource packet filled with information and tools, you will meet individuals from other agencies and community groups who have a wide-range of projects in progress. Connect and identify how you might partner to further the economic development of Idaho communities. We will be holding door prize drawings for iPod Nana (8G) and a Wi-Fi Card.

Go to http://libraries.idaho.gov/credibleconnections for more information on locations, dates and registration. REGISTER TODAY – Space is limited.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Shirley Biladeau
Continuing Education Consultant
Idaho Commission for Libraries
325 West State Street
Boise, Idaho 83702

208.639.4149 ~ shirley.biladeau@libraries.idaho.gov

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