Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Draft Minutes
Butte County Chamber of Commerce
January 11, 2012
Deli Sandwich Shop

Call to Order
Steve @ 8:15 Breakfast served

Approval of the Agenda
Janet moved to approve agenda/ Chad second. Carried.

Janet Thornock, Steve Streeper, Lanell Farmer, Rhonda Morris, Chad Cheyney, Richard Dean, Cheri Maynard, Mea Hayes, Amy Collins, Collette Atwood

Treasurers Report
According to Janet, there is $5,288 in the Fun Run Account, $1,700.79 in the Rodeo Account.

Old Business

Liability Insurance
Executive board will handle this Janet will talk with Chris Richards to see what liability insurance covers as far as activities involving alcohol.

Revision of the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation
The next election of officers will be held May 2013. Rhonda will bring the update of officers and addresses to the next meeting.

New Business

Atomic Days
Atomic Days will be held the third weekend in July. This year the dates are July 20-22. A facebook page for Atomic Days was discussed. We already have a web page (atomicdays.org). The bill needs to be paid. We aren’t sure if the bill is for last year of the coming year.

Melinda is the Atomic Days Chairperson. Discussed whether to bring in a band or have a radio station there to play music, possibly Doug Hymas. We could use a flatbed truck or a trailer as a stage.

A street dance after the rodeo was discussed. It was decided that it would be in competition with the Mello-Dee Club and the idea was dropped.

The high school has, in the past, mapped out the booths for Atomic Days and received the revenue. There have been problems in the past with regard to location of certain booths. Steve would be willing to set the location of booths and collect the money. Someone will need to make callbacks and be available to show vendors where to set up and be available to help vendors with any needs they may have.

Since Atomic Days is a Chamber Sponsored event, we would like local businesses to be involved in the planning of Atomic Days. They will be invited to a planning meeting to see how we can best help them benefit from Atomic Days. Chad will find out if website bill is for last year or coming year.

Rhonda has talked to the city regarding power and will check into it further.
Chad will set up a doodle survey to see when most can attend an Atomic Days planning meeting.

Brain Storm Ideas for Arco Beautification
Richard suggested we talk to business owners about keeping their windows clean. Maybe keep a lit display so we look like we are in business.

Is the city counsel doing anything about commercial properties being kept up, especially on main street? Horizons has a clean up committee. Also ALRED was working on a grant to update the buildings faces on main street. We need to all be working together as proposed to individually.

Michelle to report on ALRED grant

Brain Storm Ideas for Shop at Home Program
A banner across the highway was discussed. There is a minimum height requirement over the state highway. We would also have the cost of installing poles in cement to hold the banner. Any sign would need to be approved by the DOT.

Steve presented an idea of a reader/light board. He had seen something similar at Christmas time in a small town. The board could say something like, “Spend a few minutes in Arco.” We can look into advertising on the school’s reader board. It is in need of repair. The chamber may be able to help with the cost of the repair if businesses can advertise there.

Light pole banners were discussed. The idea was well received. We can start with Atomic Days and possibly expand from there.

The Saturday Market seems to be the only business on Main Street open on a Saturday morning, with the exception of Lost River Drug.

Cheri and Amy reported that their open house for Perfect Shot Photography was not very well attended. It was discussed that advertising is very important and probably should have been in the newspaper for at least 2 weeks prior to the open house.

The idea of business coupons was discussed such as 10% off any item at Lost River Drug when you present a receipt from Crater of the Moon. We should help to promote each other.

Collette reported that when she was on travel for her work, there was a cable station advertising local events. She checked with her company and they can provide the cable channel. It could be a school to work program possibly hand in hand with the light board.

Chad presented the idea of Jr. Achievement to teach 8 1-hour classes. They can be taught in a variety of ways, possibly during the school day and in conjunction with the school to work idea.

Collette also reported that ATC would like to sponsor some kind of event with a hamburger fry. Possibly the Cancer Awarabration?

Chad said he received a call from a management company in Boise who is looking for a licensed contractor to visit a house in Moore that the bank owns and make sure it is being taken car of. No one at the meeting had any ideas of names to pass along.

Lanell to check with school to see if we can advertise on their light board and the cost of repair.

Mea can give us an idea of what the cost would be for the banners.

Family Dollar
Chad believes this is still moving forward.

Meeting Schedule and Location for 2012
We need to calendar the chamber meeting dates and locations for the year. This can be handled at the next meeting.

Chad moved to adjourn at 9:45/ Rhonda second.

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