Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chamber Meeting Wednesday April 17th

April 13th, 2013

Regular April Meeting Wednesday
The regular April meeting was moved to Wednesday April 17 due to a conflict with the presenters schedule.  The meeting will be held at Jack’s Travel Plaza at 8:00 AM.  Our presenter will be Mia Hays from Hot Ink Screen Printing who has new techniques and products to share.  Members and none members are welcome to attend. 

May Meeting
I made an error in the last email, and the  May meeting will be held at the Pickle’s Place.  The usual day is the 2nd Wednesday, which will be May 8th.  The usual time is 8:00 AM.  The Chamber will be at the Deli Sandwich Shop in June.   If you are interested in making a short presentation about your business, let us know!

Membership Drive Reminder
The Chamber has not had a membership drive in a couple of years.  The Chamber recently send membership solicitations to  all the businesses in Butte County that we could identify from the last LRED Business Director.  The Chamber currently sponsors:

4th of July Luau
Senior Academic Recognition
Chamber Blog -newsletter
Chamber Web page,
Linkage to member web sites Static web presence for members
Citizen and Business of the Year
Turkey Drawings at Christmas and Thanksgiving
Students Today Leaders Tomorrow- Pay It Forward Tour to Arco and CRMO

 While Chamber meetings and activities are open to all, your financial and physical presence  are important to  support and direct activities. If you think the Chamber is doing or not doing something is should be… please show up and provide some input.   Please consider becoming a financial supporter, and providing both voice and vote by attending the monthly meetings. 

Harlem Ambassadors Show Basketball?
The Chamber has been approached to sponsor a Harlem Ambassadors Show Basketball Game.  There is a feeling among the active members that this would be well received in the community.  What do you think?  Could you help?  We will have information at the meeting about the what kind of arrangements and the cost. 

Northwest Community Development Institute July 8-12

Click on the logo for more information

Chamber Email List Update
We use the Chamber email list to remind members of upcoming meeting, and events.  The current executive committee “inherited” the list of  “members” that have been members or participants in Chamber activities over the years.  We have added new members who have joined, and removed email addresses that have become defunct .  If you do not wish to receive email reminders about Chamber  meetings and activities, please “reply” to this email with the subject line “Please drop my email address”, and will be removed.  

Telephone Notification
The clients at the Joshua D Smith Foundation are good enough to help us remind Chamber members about upcoming Chamber meetings a day or two before the meeting.  If you are not getting a call and would like to have a reminder, or you would like to have your name removed from the telephone notification list, please reply to this email with your name and phone number that you want added or removed

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