Saturday, April 13, 2013

Does Butte County Benefit from "Protected Public Lands"?

A recent study has revealed that per capital income in non-metro counties is related to the presence of "protected public lands".  The study also found that in  Butte County, the effect of protected publicly lands was about $2100 or 7% of the per capita income.  This is far less than many of our neighboring counties, which suggests that we are not capitalizing on the resources available to us.

So how could we encourage visitor to the Craters of the Moon or to our National Forest Lands spend more time (and more money) in Arco, Moore and Mackay?  We know that over 200,000 people stop to visit the Craters, but how many spend the night in Arco, visit the Idaho Science Center or explore the back county opportunities in Butte and south Custer Counties before they "jet off" to Yellowstone?

Read the article and check out the interactive map at:

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