Thursday, July 25, 2013

Butte County Chamber of Commerce
Draft Minutes: Subject to Revision
Wednesday, July 10, 2013-Mountain View RV Park Café 

Attendance:  Chad Cheyney, Melinda Shodin, Marie Cummins, Pat, Richard Dean, Mary Dean, Rhonda Morris, Rose Bernal 

Action / Responsibility
Call to Order
8:03 AM
Approval of the Agenda
Rhonda/. Marie /. Approved
Reading of the Minutes
Rhonda/ Marie  with correction to ATC
Treasurers Report
Janet was not present but sent the following information
Total $3079---
Still going through the Luau bills
     LRED Strategic Meeting
Melinda and Janet may attend when meeting finally organized
      Buy Idaho
Buy Idaho would like a reciprocal membership with the chamber.
     Carl Miller Inquire about Bowling Alley
Chad provided Mr Miller with information about the area and emailed photos to him.
4th of July Luau Review
Financial stuff is still floating and there seems to be some discrepancy on the meal—we are $50 ahead but still have to pay for the add
The luau is something chamber does for the community.  Rose thought that the chamber could do hamburgers and hotdogs to reduce cost and increase participation….
Melinda put 15 hours into the luah.  Reports were good and having the Village was a good deal.  Chad has some inquires about why the chamber had not engaged a “local” person, and explained that they were local landowners-might to look at a “more” local caterer?.
Motion to table further discussion until all the information is availabley…
Chad reported on status of website and webhosting…Mr. Bush is not very responsive, ,and Chad is trying to determine if the situation can be salvaged
Permanent  Atomic  Days Advertising
Atomic Days
Tried to make the post more eye catching and less cluttered.
     Rodeo / Advertising
Poster came out late as Advertiser had problems with their equipment
Pat will put add in the paper…
2 bands coming one sponsored by Melinda and the LRH is sponsoring the other.
      Breakfast in the Park
EICU---Janet could stand to have a couple more volunteers for breakfast
Rhonda hopes she can pull it off.
No report or problem
No report of problem
      Fun Run
Hansens have it handled
      Schedule of Events
Melinda had some schedules of event printed at the Advertiser to post so that folks know when things are going to happen
Craters of the Moon Gate Way City
Casino Night (Fall)
Clay Condit—Fuel Storage
Pending—Clay is putting together a presentation for Atomic Days and he has some site folks lined up….
Clay will have a display at the park
Hootie ---521-7526
Marie is willing to help with any kind of activity she can do from the office
Chad is to get Marie some letter head to create a sharp logo imag
Chad  showed some ideas to promote the community…place mates…
Jill Buxton does window painting--
Next meeting
Atomic Days Review----Kirk Giles, Taxidermy business—2nd Tuesday—August 14th, , Mountain Man Cafe…



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