Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Draft Minutes of October 10 Meeting

Butte County Chamber of Commerce
Agenda/ Draft Minutes
October 10th, 2013
Golden West Café 

Members: Chad Cheyney, Mary Dean, Richard Dean, Clay Condit, Kevin Hays, Brad Huerta, Shelley Rupp, Julie Hayward, Katie Brownlee, Melinda Shodin
Guests: Sand Wilson, Ann Karr 

Call to Order
Melinda called the meeting to order at 8:05AM
Approval of the Agenda
Julie move to approve the agenda/  clay second /carried
Program: Ms. Julie Hayward, LRED
Melina introduced Julie Hayward the new executive director.
Lost River Economic Development Directors are having meetings on October 22 and 23 at the Business Center.  The purpose of the meetings will be development of a strategic plan.  Julie indicated that since LRED receives public funds the meeting will be open for all.  She invited everyone to the meeting.  The facilitator for the strategic planning will be Wendy Greenlowe.
She and her husband are putting together a community concert program that will alternate between Arco and Mackay.  The first program will be November 2nd.  There will be a $10 donation to go to the hospital foundation and they will be inviting the hospital to distribute literature about the bond. The second program is planned to be the original Brawn Brothers. The idea is to make the community more attractive and so that people will want to stop here.
Julie pointed out there are often a long line of RVs that stop and buy a meal and some gas.  Going to the mountains the sometimes stop, but almost always stop coming back.  Capturing more business would be good.
What do visitors see when coming from the West?— the buildings all look empty and dilapidated.  She is suggesting that we get something in the windows of the empty businesses.
Julie feels that we have a lot to offer and we want people to come, stay and enjoy themselves with ATV’s,   The view from the top of the Big Butte trail is very good.  There was vandalism and they had to remove the fire tower. 
One of the councilmen from Mackay felt that we need to promote the ATV traffic more.   The Wood Canyon trail provides some spectacular views. 
Julie displayed an old promotional sign for Arco “Arco – Welcoming Place to Be”—promoting people to come to Arco and the valley.  She displayed some old artist renderings of what Arco could be.  She said that she is here as a community service workers.
There are no grants for new businesses but only for existing businesses.
She wants to present Arco with the “greenest grass”, so that out-of-towners will want to come and spend time in Arco.
Julie also does events such as the “doggie drag” and is working on a “balloon flight”.  She also does a golf scrambler.  With a 4 hour scramble, they were able to raise $1000 for the hospital.
We have had some new businesses, but most of their profit goes out with the hay.  LRED is a team building organization.
Mia asked if Arco had gotten any funds from “Operation Facelift”.  It was thought that the second hand store had received money for paint.  Chad added that his recollection was the program provides some funds for materials, but not labor 
Approval of the Minutes
Treasurer’s Report
Janet was not present, but had received some new bills so was not in a position to provide a complete report anyway.
   Arco Butte Business Center
Business Center will be hosting a meeting on November 12 for members of the economic and community development community to meet each other and the public.  Refreshments will be served and the Business Center would like to have an estimate of the number of members coming.  The program will be for the organizations to provide a quick overview of their role as they see it and what would help them…public will be asked to help with the list of what would help
  World Chamber Directory
Want us to pay to be listed
  Elder Flag Manufacturing
Want us to buy a flag
  Western Byways
Chamber has an add in this issue
Vince call, but Chad has not had a chance to talk to him.
Craters Gateway Community
Melinda had a new logo, but there was no additional discussion 
Casino Night
John has some other things going and will help, but does not want to lead.  Kirk Giles may take the lead on the project.  Julie volunteered that she knew that there was  gaming equipment at the 4-Winds and at the American Legion.
Community Recognition and Variety Talent Show
Mia is leading the community recognition and talent show.  The event will be Thursday November 16th.  Auditions are next week, Wednesday at 7 PM.  Mia is working with Cindy Jardine from the Arts Council.
Janet wanted to use the same method for the awards that we used for the senior academic recognition.  This was done by Hot Ink.
Brad suggested that in the future we might want to consider developing additional categories.
The awards deal needs to get done pretty soon. 
Mia – had thought about not charging admission and asking for donations….price was $3 per person and $10 per family.  Marcia will probably take money again
Melinda will send out forms
There was a consensus that the previous rates we ok and if someone really couldn’t pay, perhaps someone would sponsor them.
Table-Top Advertizing Project
Chad had suggested that the Chamber might want to develop table top advertising stands; based on some he had seen in Logan.  These had laminated advertising swinging on a cute little scaffold
Melina mentioned the problem that restaurants will not want other restaurants advertising on their tables.  Julie suggested that that she could pick this project up. 
Julie was going to do a business of the month with coupons, and banner, but was having some issues with some vendor regarding advertising.
Brad –hospital –bond election is coming up November 5th.  He thinks that the campaign is going well.  Brad Hureta is go check to see about the potential for him to rent the hospital bus to take people to voting areas.  He will be on vacation on November 5  and would be glad to give anyone a ride, just contact him prior to.
The hospital is likely to get a partnership with ISU and co-locate a pharmacy campus at the hospital.  They want to do renovation they will use local venders.
Upcoming Events—Shelly reviewed activities—
Brake for Breakfast.  The hospital has participated in the soup kitchen and will participate again on the 21st.  They will use the old clinic in cooperation with PTA to do the spook alley.  5:30p to 6:45p will be for young kids---Trunk or treat at 7 pm will be at the hospital parking lot---they will spook it up for the older kids from 7:15-9p.
If you called the PTA, they would probably be happy to let additional business to participate in the spook alley or the trunk or treat.
The hospital distributed brochures on the bond.
Hawkbill/Science Center—they do guided tours on request if you phone.  They are working on building a new building for the museum.  Mia suggested that they post the tour offer outside the kiosk.
Melinda would like to turn Atomic Days to a 60’s activity. 
Melinda- winters are boring—she would like to get some businesses to sponsor hoedowns or other dances and activities. There are folks that would like to dance but they do not want to go to the bar to dance.
Lost River Info Board---Melinda is trying to get a comprehensive list of community events to post. 
Melinda will be taking down her sign, but is not out of business.
Ann Karr – She is chair of the Senior Center Board and wanted to know what goes on with the Chamber.   She wants to promote the Senior Center, which is struggling. 
Arco Christian Church offered space for drive through advertising on the wall adjacent to their parking lot….
Clay-hospital bond – several years ago they used a phone tree system to call folks in Butte and Custer County.  If you want to volunteer or can help in some way call Clay.
Next Meeting
November 13th  Jacks Travel Plaza
Julie move to adjourn/ Clay /approved


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