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November Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes

Butte County Chamber of Commerce
Agenda/ Daft Minutes
November 13, 2013
Jacks Travel Plaza 
Members: Chad Cheyney, Brad Huerta, Shelly Rupp, Rose Bernal, Julie Hayward, Clay Condit, Melina Shodin, Helen Merrill, Mia Hays

  Discussion   Action
  Call to Order

Melinda called the meeting to order at 8:10AM

  Approval of the Agenda


Program: Dr. Helen Merrill
  Dr. Merrill is holding an open house at her new office next to the Memorial Annex on Friday November 15th from 4-8.

Chiropractors are a kind of neurologist—they take care of your nerves by try to take pressure of nerves from bones.  Helen demonstrated with models about spinal changes with age, and how these changes impinge on the nervous system. 

The job of chiropractor is to open up the space between bones primarily at joints to make room for the spinal cord and nerves. 

She uses a variety of manipulation techniques and soft tissue manipulation and tools to accomplish this. 

Helen moved to Arco to marry Chris Merrill, who she had known for some time.  
Her office hours are Monday –Thursday from 10-4 or by appointment.  She is in Salmon on the 1st and   3rd Wednesday.


Approval of the Minutes




  Clay moved to approve the August and September minutes/Julie/approved


  Julie moved to approve/Brad/approved.

Treasurer’s Report
  Janet was unable to attend, but had provided some information.  The Chamber balance is $2724.09, including the rodeo reserve $240.50.  The variety show gate was $240 but this is off about $100 over last year.  Expenses for the variety show are not all in..
  Shelly moved to accept/Clay/approved



Report on Community Recognition and Variety Talent Show
  Mia reported that the program went well, and we had a good group of performers.  Turnout was a little down.  We recognized Lost River Medical Center as the as business of the year. Leah nation was recognized as citizen of the year. The mood was pretty good.  The MC was Mr Picket from the school.  Jazz band stayed to perform and got a ride to go to natural helpers.


Report on the Community and Economic Development Forum
  About 30 people attended, and most are willing to participate again it come up with some objectives.  The areas of most concern that were identified were Leadership / Infrastructure / Exports and Jobs.


Report on LRED Strategic Planning Activity



Business Development



Ribbon Cutting for Dr. Merrill Friday 4:15 pm West of the Annex



  Chad reported that he was still in contact with Vince and the location of the site has been moved.  Chad has not had a chance to work with Vince on begin able to edit it.


Craters Gateway Community / Tourism
  Chad put the logos that Melinda had developed on the top of the agenda. (See logos above) We need to include information on gateway city on table top advertising.  Chad asked if we needed to start a program area around Craters promotion and recreation as Dept. of Commerce suggested that it was the Chamber’s job.


Policy Discussion (Unplanned)
  Chad suggested that we needed to do some activities or programs that were focused on what can we do for business, and perhaps review the review chamber by laws.  Brad suggested that we could go to other chambers to see what they know, or ask them to come to our meetings.---Brad thought that Matt Hunter from Pocatello would be willing to come and talk about Chamber work as well as  Linda from Grow Idaho Falls.  Julie described the Rexburg business plan competition…this continued into discuss of chamber development. 


LRMC Discussion  (unplanned)
  Clay feels that with the passage of the bond for the hospital redevelopment that Arco is “booming”.  There is lots of money available at the INL that might come to Arco.  Julie has made a flyer to give to new employees recommending that they coming check out the Lost River Valley as a place to live.
Bran thanked the board for support of bond.
Drug Store—LR Pharmacy has been purchased by the ISU Pharmacy School.  It will relocate to the old clinic.  ISU is committed to use local labor for the remodel.  ISU will put in a coffee shop as part of the remodel.  Streeper owns the building and will lease it.  Brad thinks that we should do a free INL extension office in Arco.


Table-Top Advertising Project
  Julie did some surveying on table top advertising.  Interviewed an owner of a bar in Boise.  He did a beer label with complementary food items.  This has upped his sales because people didn’t know how to mix foods with beers.  They also have a table with doilies with the names of the beers.  Customers come back at other times and order beers that they wouldn’t normally.
She went into Shari’s in Idaho falls, and they were not too happy with the hanging devices because they need to be cleaned regularly.
Julie handed out a brochure on “Talk n tables” glass top tables with advertising under the glass.  Julie wants to approach the new Melody and she wants to know what business that could or would trade space.  


Community Development



Atomic Days Theme
  The Chamber got a donation from CalNeva that arrived late and Melinda wants to give Brad a certificate for the hospital and Leah a certificate for the citizen of the year
  Clay moved to give certificate to winners/Julie / approved.

Casino Night

  Melinda decide to not consider

Julie on LRMC Fund Raising Concert (unplanned)
  They had 50 people come and just made the cost, less advertizing.  Muzzie Brawn is coming 2nd or 3rd week in January.


Next Meeting
  Pickles Place December 11th, 8 AM.


Turkey Bucks
  Melinda would like to do it in the rec hall on the 2nd or 3rd weekend in December.  This used to be the “snowflake festival” Brad suggested that it be done at the Festival of Trees, sponsored by the hospital.  The children will be coming back to the Festival of Trees to sing.  We need to work to reduce event overlap.  There was also discussion about the planning horizon, and it was not clear whether this was delayed until next year or would go ahead this year.…




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