Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Do You Know About Community and Economic Development in the Lost Rivers Valleys?

By Chad Cheyney, manager Arco Butte Business Incubation Center

Do you know what organizations have an interest or role in community and economic development in the Lost Rivers Valley?  Do you know the people who are involved? Do you know what they think their role is or what they think they do best?  Do you see “gaps” in our economic and community development activities that could be closed to help generate new business that will bring money and jobs to our communities that can help support more a diverse retail businesses?  The Arco Butte Business Incubation Center invites you and your organization to participate in a community and economic development forum on Tuesday, November 12th from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.  The forum will be held in the Arco Butte Business Incubation Center in Suite 203.  The meeting is open to the public.  Refreshments will be served.

The purpose of the forum is to publicize and understand the roles of the various local and regional economic and community development organizations that serve Butte County and the Lost Rivers Valleys, both to each other and to the public. The Board of the Business Center sees the outcome of this meeting as: a) a list of organizations with their perception of mission or vision for economic and/or community development in the Lost Rivers Valley, including the scope of work and extent of area served, and b) a list of services and resources whose lack of availability is limiting the effectiveness of individual organizations or economic development in the area in general.

The program will include a few minutes for each organization to introduce itself and their role and scope of work in the community.  Additional time will be spent developing a list of missing resources and services, including input from the public.  Finally, sometime will be provided for refreshments and an opportunity to meet and visit with each other.

The Board hopes that including the public in forum will bring a broader perception of what is available and what is needed in economic and community development and serve as a basis for improving cooperation and collaboration in community and economic development activities by increasing participation in economic development and help bring community and economic development activities into the public conciseness.

To help us plan the refreshments, PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT BE COMING Sending email (ccheyney@uidaho.edu) or by calling 527-3060.     If you have any questions or suggestions, please call Jim Wasylow (589-3498) or Chad Cheyney (208-940-0222).


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