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Draft Minutes of December Meeting

Draft Minutes
December 11th, 2013
Pickles Place 

Members: Chad Cheyney, Clay Condit, Helen Merrill, Dick and Mary Dean, Shelly Rupp, Janet Thornock, Julie Hayward, Rose Bernal, Melinda Shodin, John Danz, Katie Brownlee

Guests: Paula & Gene Davies, Oded Paz 

Call to Order
Called to order at 8:03 AM
Approval of the Agenda
Clay /Janet /approved
Program: Councilman Gene Davies: City Water Project
Melinda introduced Councilman Davies.
The new well is drilled and the pump house is almost completed. We are waiting for the pump and the motor.  They contractor started on the water mains, but have been held up by the weather.  We will be going to meters. Replacement of the metal water tank will be the last part of the project to be completed next fall.
The method of charging for water has not been finalized, but is likely to be a combination of a base rate for a given amount of water with an additional higher rate for water over the base amount.
The Water street well has been “put on the n the back burner.”  However, the Council is still looking at options, which may include a much small pump that could be used in emergencies.  What actually happens will depend on the amount of funds left at the end of the project.
The Project Engineers estimated the cost of the total project at $5.1 M.  This includes a new well, replacing the water system on the hill, water meters for every service, new pressure reducing stations, fire hydrants that can meet standards and a new tank.  Much of the main line on hill is small and dead ended or double ended.  The new system will be all 6 inch minimum, with loop system so there are no dead ends to reduce possible contamination.  Safety valves for the system will permit turn of parts of the system for service or repair without disabling the entire system, and all meters to have a backflow device to prevent contamination..
The new water tank will be 250000-400000 gallons will be constructed near to where the old one is.  The old steel above ground tank will go away.  The old concrete tank will remain in service. Sizing of the new tank is going to depend on the amount of money left in the project.  There are always unplanned change orders necessary.
The Council had a complete inspection of the old tank that which included diving in the tank and removed the sand, inspecting the lining, etc.  The new tank to be an enamel epoxy liner on metal.
Current regulations require the entire system to maintain flow and minimum of 80 psi and the new system will.  Davies speculated that if a fire truck hooked up to a hydrant that it might be able to collapse the current mainlines because it could exceed the lines ability to deliver water. 
Work in the lower part of town which previously had some of the system replace will digging up connections and installing water meters at every service.
Cascade pipe will do pipe and water meters.  They have a sub-contractor, Ferguson Water Works will supervise the installation of pits and meters.
____built the pump and house installation.
Contractors agreed to employ local contractors to the extent they can find competent competitively price service locally.  Clay wanted to know if there is a way to recruit and employ local folks.  Melinda wanted to know if the contractor was open using local people.   Gene indicated that most of the contractors are on a tight profit margin, and they generally have their own crews.
Clay asked if there was a list of contractors and if they could be approached about local employment.  Gene indicated that they are using local contractors for fill. 
The Engineering firm designed the project, have their own onsite inspector.  If the inspector sees a problem, he notifies the engineer to check it out.  Inspector probably doesn’t have the ability to stop work. This Engineers inspector is responsible for any materials testing.
Pipe company will be looking for office space in the spring. 
The roads are supposed to be put back in the same or better condition. 
There are a couple of councilmen that are going to keep checking on the construction work.
Contractor reimbursements are based on what has been done over the past 2 to 4 weeks.  There is some payment that is retained until the job is complete for the phase.  Payments also include penalties for not staying on the time table.  However, they have had to extend the contract in some cases due to the weather. trouble with sand in the water, and change in the pump designed.
At the meeting Councilman Davies could not recall exactly where all the financing had come from, but provided the information after retrieving information from the city office..
Total Estimated Project Cost         $5.1 Million
Dept of Commerce Grant               $0.49 Million
Army Corps of Engineers Grant     $0.50 Million
USDA-Rural Development Grant   $1.6 Million
City of Arco Cash                              $0.017 Million
Local Bond                                         $2.4 Million
The Councilman pointed out that it was very unusal to receive a grant from the Army Corps of Engineers or for the entity to be able to get the grants without putting up more than half of the funds for the project.
Melinda thanked Councilman Davies for coming to the meeting to share this information.
Oded move to contact the contractors/ Julie second and has the list / and clay volunteered to help / carried
Approval of the Minutes
Treasurer’s Report
Chamber checking account has $2,547.50  
Chamber funds  $2,306.99
Rodeo Reserves $240.51.  These are a bit higher than last report due to me trying to pay the extension office twice for some rodeo copies and postage.
                Ticket sales at the door   $240.55
                Auditorium cost $50
                Arco Advertiser cost $86.31
                Hot Ink – Plaques cost $40.28
                                PROFIT $100.27
It was agreed that we give $50 to the Art Council for their co-sponsorship  so PROFIT $50.27
Chad moved to share $50 of the profit from the variety show with the Arts Council which provided the microphones. / Clay second /carried
Business Development Activities
Community and Economic Development Forum: What Next
Chad reported on the meetings and indicated that the Business Center was working with LRED to do another meeting in February to determine which organizations were doing what and where the “holes” were
Report on LRED Strategic Planning Activities
Julie reported that LRED had finished there planning, and commerce is going to endorse the plan for other units in the state.  Center piece of strategic plan is the development of subcommittees, lead by board members, and involving the citizens in execution of the project
Oded wants LRED to do a press release so the state is looking up to Arco….
LRED has put flyers in relocation packets for INL. 
LRED Report
Julie and Greg are devoted to the community which is why they are working so hard for LRED and for the LRMC
Lost River Valley Rally will be produced by BAM Media Productions.  They currently do a big one in Island Park.  Mackay has made a 5 year commitment to host an ATV rally.  Julie circulated a flyer from the Island Park rally.  Community can put in coupons in the participant packets.  These are older well healed ATV’ers with participants from all over the states.  They want stuff by June 1st. 
They will bring some vendors, but will also use some local vendors for eg sack lunches.
Table-Top Advertizing Project
Julie had dinner at the Mello Dee, and they are using plain paper place mats.  John would do place mats. LRED has or has access to funds for this kind of advertising.  Chad wondered how flexible this would be in terms on community activity advertising.
Craters Gateway Community / Tourism:
A Gateway Promotion Program?
Business Plan Competition
No one from local area showed-Julie
Plan Chamber By-Law Review (new)
Helen and Julie will review the by-laws and make recommendations
Learning from other Chambers (new)
Julie pointed out that the Custer County Chamber (Mackay) will be meeting 4 pm today, if someone wanted to see what they were up to..
Youth Entrepreneurship (new)
Chad and Julie move to table carried
Community Development Activities
Leaderships Skills Class?
Chad Rose to table approved
Credit Union
It appears the East Idaho Credit Union will be moving in on the weekend of the 21st of December, but there is some question if the furniture will make it by then!
Next Meeting
Taquaria La Costa? 
Discussion of the program for January.  Julie indicated that WSA (whatever this si) is taking over all of the economic development units in eastern Idaho, but she could not tell us anything about what or who WSA is.
Julie will look into getting a speaker for January on WSA, if not we will use it for an annual planning meeting for activities, or if she does we will do planning February.
Community Christmas at the Rec hall
Melinda indicated that there is a freelance move to have Santa at the Rec Hall.  The Cheer Leaders and som3 4-H clubs will to help and Melina will check with the city about the rec hall.  This will be about 12-2 PM at the rec hall before Shop With a Cop gets back.  Expect and email will come this week. 
Chad to send email from Melinda…Helen will help as a contact person. 
Chad/Shelly/ approved.


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