Thursday, February 13, 2014

Draft Minutes of the February Chamber Meeting

Butte County Chamber of Commerce


Wednesday, February 12, 2014, Mountain Man Café


Attending: Brad Huerta, Rhonda Morris, Shelly Rupp, Julie Hayward, Clay Condit, Dick Dean, Mary Dean, Melinda Shodin, Chad Cheyney


Call to Order
Melinda called the meeting to order at 8:5 AM

Approval of the Agenda
Julie moved to approve the agenda as presented / Helen second / no objections
Reading and Approval of the Minutes
The body reviewed the minutes.
Julie move to approve the minutes as presented / Helen second / no objections
Financial Report
Janet was not present and had not forwarded a financial report
Julie moved to table the financial report / Shelly second / no objections
Atomic Days Program – Possible permanent theme
Melinda described a vision for a Atomic Days (AD) as a permanent 50’s -60’s theme event.  She has contacted seamstresses in the Valley than can make poodle skirts, and she would like this person to come in April to discuss it. 
Melinda thought that someone should go to the city council concerning making the theme permanent, but the consensus was that the city was a member of the chamber and was not attending the meetings.
Melinda envisioned having a “sock hop” to kick off the festivities, and perhaps start the program on Thursday evening rather than Friday.  She also felt that the Chamber should try to get a local drama group to produce a version of “Grease” to go with the theme.  There was a suggestion that the audience could help with some of the dance numbers, and the tickets could be given away to induce people to come to Arco for the event.  Julie suggested that perhaps ISU Drama would be interested in putting on the musical.  Helen suggested the Missoula Children’s Theater.  It may be common practice to “rewrite” the program so that is no longer the name musical to avoid the copyright royalties.
Brad pointed out that Pocatello has a “Dancing with the Stars” program to kick off one of their events, where the “stars” are local celebrities and political figures.
The general AD program is pretty well established.  Rhonda is no longer with Parks and Rec and Angie is currently looking for someone to handle the softball tournament.
Janet texted in that at the current time none of the EICU branches have received their community service and advertising allocations and she was not certain if EICU could sponsor the AD breakfast yet.
Helen mover to debut the 50-60’s theme in 2014 and to evaluate the success before making it permanent /Brad second /no objection
Harvest Festival Committee Report
Brad reported on the Harvest Festival (HF) committee.  Dr. Eder has volunteered to help with the committee as well.
The discussed HF as a fundraiser for the Chamber the first Saturday of October to avoid conflict with other events and activities in the Valley. 
The committee envisioned the event as traditional beer garden w/German music and another area with family events, like dancing, apple bobbing…the exact events have not been decided.
The next step is to contact vendors.  Vendors are identified by attending the similar program in Pocatello March 8th and asking for cards from the vendors.
In Pocatello, the Chamber charges people to participate and splits the gate with the “Old Town” groups. 
Julie and Melinda are working to have a city ordinance to require buildings on Grand Avenue to have a certain level of repair and to not appear empty by having signs or other displays in the window.  There was skepticism as to whether there would be enough funds to split with this possible activity the first year.
After the research is completed Shelly will assist in organizing a committee meeting to discuss the details.
Business Reference Binder Committee Report
Julie made the report on the binder.  It has a contractor listing and source sheet, and she has developed a client questionnaire for persons seeking contracts to work on a project and leave a message.  It also has a community organization list.  There was discussion of where these will be located and who will maintain them.  Chad suggested that there needs to be an internet version as well.  Suggestions for the physical location include the Business Center lobby and the library.
Bylaw Committee Report and Recommendation
Julie reported on the bylaws committee.  She and Helen have looked over the bylaws and have a few things that need cleaning up.  Chad is supposed to find the electronic version that can be edited with “tracking” on and the marked up version to be circulated to the paid up members.
Chad to find electronic version.
Julie and Helen to markup
Circulate pdf to paid members.
Discussion of Classes
Julie and Chad have resources through RDA and Extension to provide leadership, community development and business classes.  Helen is interested in seeing life financial skills classes taught for seniors in high school.   It was felt that Chamber members should get a break on a class as a way to add value to the membership
Rhonda moved to encourage Extension/Business Center /LRED/Chamber to co-brand and collaborate to offer classes and to investigate cooperating with the school/senior project class to offer additional curricula to seniors / Shelly second / no objections
Craters Gateway Project
We are going to begin to use the Crater logo for Chamber materials and link our websites to the and to the History Assn Site.
Hawkbill Reunion
Chad reviewed his correspondence with some members of the crew that are interested in having a crew reunion in Arco and need to know how many hotel rooms there are.  Julie says that there are 54 in Arco and 30 in Mackay (rooms or beds).Not including bed and breakfast and RV sites.  It was estimated that there would be 100 people.
Richard Dean will be meeting with Hawkbill Base and will discuss the reunion with them.
Table Top Advertising Project
Chad did not bring the model
Your Entrepreneurship Project
Chad described the interest and history in doing entrepreneurship training for youth in the community.  He described the Junior Achievement program in the Treasure Valley and his current ongoing experience doing JA with 4-5th graders in the school enrichment program.
Brad spoke to his experience with JA and how he was a graduate and that it was hard and challenging program and encouraged its use.
Chad asked for volunteers that would be interested in becoming 4-H-JA volunteers to teach JA for middle school and for high school on Fridays…
Helen volunteered to participate
Chad was directed to see the school counselor to see if JA could be incorporated in school program somehow.
Other (Approved at beginning of meeting)
Membership forms and invoices need to go out
Brad- Hospital had an open house for Dr. Eder
Julie-Project to cleanup main street and put displays in empty window –looking for a city ordinance
Brad-the land that the hospital owns on the high way may be available for putting up advertising, and perhaps including an electronic sign.   Standard bill boards are $250 to keep the signs changed.  Electronic one would permit a variety of advertising
Brad – Bond will be sold all at once on April 3rd and the hospital will receive money on April 17th and they will pay off the bankruptcy and then be without debt service
Brad – Dr. Will Hazel is a physiatrist on staff now and he can provide reference for tele-consultation.
Pharmacy is scheduled targeted to open in April
Hospital is doing regular articles, and ask the doc articles
Julie – LRED is also doing monthly articles
Brad is willing to give anyone a tour of the hospital—arrange with Shelly.
Brad – hospital now has wifi in all the room and new flat screen TV in the rooms as well.
Helen moved to adjourn/ Rhonda second /no objection


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