Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Draft Minutes of April Chamber Meeting

Butte County Chamber of Commerce
Draft Agenda
Wednesday, April 9th, 2014
Jack’s Travel Plaza
Attending: Clay Condid, Dick and Mary Dean, Melinda Shodin, Helen Merril, Janet Thornock, Brad Huerta, Candice Larsen, Rose Bernal, Jack Jensen, Chad Cheyney

Call to Order
Called to order 8:08 AM
Chad handed out agendas, minutes and 2014 membership forms

Approval of the Agenda

Helen moved to approve the agenda as presented / Clay / approved.
Reading and Approval of the Minutes
Corrections to the minutes
5th paragraph—A $10 to chamber and rest to school
Rodeo 204.50 not 245
Clay moved to approve the minutes with correction / Brad / approved

Financial Report
$2141.64 in the account
$1901.13 Chamber Resources
$205.50  held for the Rodeo Committee
Brad moved to accedtp/Helen/approved
Bylaw Committee Report and Recommendation
Helen had not realized that she needed to put the changes in the electronic version for review.  She will do this and email to Chad to print for review by the members and approval at the next meeting.
Candice Larsen: LRED Activities in Progress
Candice has been working on a the community organizational contact list.  This will be finished and posted in several places, and will be in the next version of the directory published by LRED.

Community Review has been approved, and they will split the team during one week to do both communities.  The exact details have not been completed.
Revitalizing the downtown will be one of the focus areas, and Candice invited people who were interested to contact here.

There are constant complaints that the downtown is not attractive and needs to be fixed up.  It was found that there are already city ordinances in place requiring this, but they are not being enforced  I was suggested that LRED and/or the Chamber take a lead in enforcing the ordinances…this will be tough because there are many that who cannot afford the taxes.  It was reported that Bingham Memorial Hospital  owns two of the worst buildings downtown.

Chad had neglected to include correspondence on the menu and begged and was granted the indugence of the chair:

John Dance wants a squares for Pickles and Johns Spice

Rhonda is back but snowed under at work.

Katie pointed out that Chad made a date error on the membership form.

EICU wants a ribbon cutting April 16th at 11 am

Ribbon Cutting for EICU
Cut the ribbon at 11 AM. Wednesday April 16th, every member who can come should try.

4th of July Luau
Donna’s and Heidi’s will bring the limbo.  Members are encouraged to head up an old fashion game, eg. Musical Chairs. 

Rose, also representing the Troop Boosters, will again organize the parade—would like to get the old cars out and there is usually a prize for the niftiest old car.  Sponsors should call Rose at the Bargin Barn. 

Jack’s Travel Plaza will be the catered for this year.  Diana is still working the menu.  Jack will give a dollar a place to chamber.  Other vendors are welcome, and the Chamber may do hot dogs.

Water pool was a big hit with the kids…Sam’s Club has a water slide for about $300. Candice pointed out that less expensive items will not be as durable.

Perhaps LRED could purchase the slide and use it as a community involvement vehicles.  Candice has a bounce house.—There was a suggestion that we sell a bracelet to help cover destruction of the devices.

Katie indicated that she had attended an event where the Fire Department had the hose out for kids to play with under supervision.  Someone was going to contact the Fire Department to see if they might be interested..

Atomic Days
Hospital foundation may be doing a dunk booth at atomic days.

   Poster Advertising
There will be two posters. One will be regular permanent format which is currently on the Facebook page, and the other will be a calendar of events with the advertising….1st dibs to attending members ($10 per square), 2nd dibs to paid members ($10 per square)…3rd dibs to anyone else ($50 per square).

LRED would like a spot but not at the expense of another business.

Everyone that ran things last year will run things this year.

Craig Giles will do horseshoes

VFW wants a vending booth.  VFW has no current revenue stream, and would like to do a food/beverage booth. Brad will tell them that it’s OK...whatever is legal.

AD Concert will be on Friday night, not Saturday night-KayLnn from Portland.

Power is still a limiting factor for the jump toys..

Highway Banners are constructed by Cindy Smire (husband works at ATC) for Mackay for far less than we have been talking about . 

Rock Mountain Power has a grant cycle that is open right now.  Perhaps we could get RMP to pay for the installation and some banners, but we would not have the funds for this year, and they need written estimates.

There was discussion of permanent signs that show what businesses and what the schedule of event, might be in the Fredrick’s building or on the corner park.

Cindy Jardine might be interested in heading up a community performance sponsored by the Arts Council and the Chamber.

Hospital was going to sponsor a “drive-in” at the park, but currently has too much to do.  One can show a movie but cannot charge without getting into trouble.  But you could charge for concession. This was done at homecoming (fall). Doing it in the middle of the week to keep from competing with family activities.

Adjourned at 9:02 AM
Chad move to adjourn/ Rose/approved

Subjects Not Discussed.

Harvest Festival Committee Report

Business Reference Binder Committee Report

Time and Day for Chamber Meetings to improve attendance?

Discussion of Classes

Craters Gateway Project

Hawkbill Reunion Report- Richard Dean

Table Top Advertising Project

Youth Entrepreneurship Project

Other (Approved at beginning of meeting)


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