Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bengal Pharmacy Grand Opening Friday June 20th

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Grand Opening Ceremony at 10AM with a free barbecue for all to follow!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Regular Chamber Meeting June 11th at the Deli


Friday, June 6th 2014


RE:          Regular June Chamber Meeting

                Wednesday June 11th

                Deli Sandwich Shop, West Grand and Idaho

                8:00 AM


The Butte County Chamber of Commerce will hold its regular monthly business meeting on Wednesday, June 11th, at 8 AM at the newly reopened Deli Sandwich Shop at the corner of West Grand and Idaho Street.

Our program will include a short report on the trials and tribulations of refurbishing the Deli Sandwich Shop after the fire which closed it several months ago.

We will also be discussing the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the grand opening of the Bengal Pharmacy at Lost Rivers Medical Center on June 20th.

Finally, we will finalize details for the 4the of July Luau and review progress toward the expanded Atomic Days activities.

The draft minutes of the May meeting may be found on the Chamber Blog at http://buttecountyidahochamber.blogspot.com/2014/06/draft-butte-chamber-minutes-from-may.html


Butte County Chamber of Commerce

Regular Monthly Meeting

Draft Agenda June 11th

Deli Sandwich Shop


Monday, June 2, 2014

Draft Butte Chamber Minutes from May

Butte County Chamber of Commerce
Regular Monthly Meeting
May 14th, 2014

Attending:  Melina Shodin, Janet Thornock, Candice Larsen, Katie Brownlee, Jack Jensen, Clay Condit, Richard and Mary Dean, Rose Bernal, John Danz
Visitors: Shelly Shaffer, Gaylen Shcult


Call to order
Meeting called to order 8:04

Approval of the agenda

Jack / Mia
Approval of the minutes

Financial Report
Cash $2176.47 $1935 Chamber  $240.51
Clay/ Jack
Program Shelly Shaffer
Shelly Shaffer is running for county clerk. 
She has worked for the school system and has volunteered in the community.   Her children have graduated and she wants to work in the community.  She has a background in business management.  She possess good skills and would be would be good for the community.  Feels that we need to keep trying.  She has learned every job she has ever had. She has studied the job and the Idaho codes to learn about the job.

Rose Bernal
Melinda asked Rose to speak about her platform.  She is involved in a number of community organizations, and is a business owner.