Monday, June 2, 2014

Draft Butte Chamber Minutes from May

Butte County Chamber of Commerce
Regular Monthly Meeting
May 14th, 2014

Attending:  Melina Shodin, Janet Thornock, Candice Larsen, Katie Brownlee, Jack Jensen, Clay Condit, Richard and Mary Dean, Rose Bernal, John Danz
Visitors: Shelly Shaffer, Gaylen Shcult


Call to order
Meeting called to order 8:04

Approval of the agenda

Jack / Mia
Approval of the minutes

Financial Report
Cash $2176.47 $1935 Chamber  $240.51
Clay/ Jack
Program Shelly Shaffer
Shelly Shaffer is running for county clerk. 
She has worked for the school system and has volunteered in the community.   Her children have graduated and she wants to work in the community.  She has a background in business management.  She possess good skills and would be would be good for the community.  Feels that we need to keep trying.  She has learned every job she has ever had. She has studied the job and the Idaho codes to learn about the job.

Rose Bernal
Melinda asked Rose to speak about her platform.  She is involved in a number of community organizations, and is a business owner.

LRED Activities
Candice is trying to get a tourism grant that we have not been taking advantage.  There is a 2% tax on hotels and it is split with the state.  Most of the money go to to Hailey, Stanley Ketchum  and Salmon.  We could ask for perhaps as much as $40,000.  The grant is due in 3 weeks.

LRED is looking at producing 4-5 videos, attracting businesses, stay and play, etc. ,  The producer wants to purchase flat screen TV’s and put them in places where people travel and come into.

Next year we should work on an improved pamphlet.  .

Arco Highway Sign Poles---Lost River Electric quoted about $1200 per pole.  Mia has access to firms that do wind banners.

Candice has arrange to have someone from the Register of Historical Places to come and look at structures in Mackay and Arco.  There may be money for improvements or restoration.  Upgraded historical locations could help with tourism.

Gaylen Schult, representing the PTA indicated that  they do not have resources to run a booth on the 4th of July.

Melinda went to PTA meeting to see if they were interested in partnering on various events. 

Jack reported that the menu for the Luau will be pulled pork and teriyaki chicken, banana bread, coleslaw and some for pineapple desert with a beverage.

Katie talked to Tim Williams about a fire hose at the park for the kids.  Tim will talk to the chief

Water Slide
There is a water slide still at the box store at $350. This needs to be monitored to keep the right sized kid.  Talked about fees, wristband, and fee.  Warranty.
Atomic Days
John is on for Thursday night food. Thursday is a cruise-in.  Mon through Wed, Cindy Jardine will be heading up a production of some kind by Arts Council.  Kay Lynnett will do a concert at the arena after the rodeo show, sponsored by EICU.  She will do  a program after the parade,  Hospital is committed to doing/sponsoring the Chamber breakfast.  Kirk Giles is covering horseshoes. Chandice Gamett is covering softball,  Shelly Shaffer would help with the cruise-in if Linda needs help

The ATV rally is the same weekend, but they will be in the valley before and after Atomic Days and might participate.

Rose volunteer to do a flyer to put in the handouts for the ATV Rally. 

Mia had a paper fan promote, that could be printed with the program and handed out, as low as 23 cents each .

Atomic Days Poster
Will go to press next Friday

Atomic Days Event Poster
Will go to press soon
Chad is to send out a “last chance” email
Business Reference Binder
Several people have registered and have been able to get on with the water project.

By Law Committee
Nothing to report
Days and times of Chamber meetings to improve

Discussion of Classes

Craters Gateway
Chad or Melinda to give Candice the Gateway Logo

Table top advertising

Youth entrepreneurship


Next Meeting June 11th….?
The next meeting will be at the Deli if it is open, otherwise at LaCosta



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