Saturday, September 6, 2014

Chamber Minutes for July 9th

Butte County Chamber of Commerce
Regular Monthly Meeting
Draft Minutes July 9th, 2014
Mountain View RV Park

Attending:  Melinda Shodin, Chad Cheyney, Karin Richard, Helen Merrill, Brad Huerta Shelly Shaffer, Mary Dean, Katie Brownlee. Amy Taylor (Sen.  Risch),  Ethen Huffman (Rep.  Simpson), Clay Condit, Richard Dean, Kathryn Hitch (Sen.  Crapo), Jack Jensen, Chandos  Gamett, Shelly Rupp


Call to order
8:10 AM

Approval of the Agenda

Jack/ Rose
Approval of the Minutes

Financial Report
$2104.98   $240.51 rodeo
Program:  Introduction of Representatives of Senators Crapo and Risch
Amy Taylor, senator Risch’s office, Ethan Huffman, Simpson’s office, Kathyn  Hitch, Crapo’s office.

They cover cover 9 counties  and, try to get out in the region as much as possible;

What do they do—Constituent service guide—Take opinions, mail or email or phone
Case work-liaison to federal agencies;   Flags that have flown over the capital;  Arrangements for people visiting  DC;  Academy nominations;  Federal and other funding assistance and more. 

Program: Introduction of Proprietors of New Businesses Present
Karen Richard:  She lives in Atomic City; Husband is retired law enforcement; 25 years in professional city law enforcement;  Came here because of a recommendation; They had outdoor gear store in Cody;  They are going to start store in Atomic City and may move to Arco but starting in Atomic City;

Suggestion for  Special Event:  Outdoor gear swaps in fall and spring;  Outdoor gear is very expensive and used equipment can fill the bill….Hunter gear swap in Cody was a great success….she would be happy to drive these events…

Ron Parkett:  Originally from Mass.  From the last few years from Michigan and have been looking for RV part.  Have a retail store in Michigan.  Been looking for retirement project—but this “ain’t it.”

Delayed maintenance, building enhancement; wants to be able to handle events; Looking at best use of currently owned property along the highway;  Development of a pavilion with a small kitchen with indoor outdoor access with stage…

Really wound up in trying at catch up right now….

Son in law to be is a web designer and is building a new website and is linking to a wide variety of activities.  This area is more than a one-night stay---Help RVers plan their trips.

Luau Report
Need to offer a more economical food option.   The feeling is that when you go to the park is should be free and we need to break this paradigm,,

Rose commented that this was the most entries for the 4th of July parade in a long time- great progress”

Water slide was a huge hit!!
  PTA Helped

Included a bunch of groups in the activityu
Need to get an article in the paper

Maybe hotdogs
Community Review
Chad handed out calendar

We need team leaders

Need focus group leaders for subjects and populations….

Atomic Days Final
New dirt is being delivered to ball field---fence s art being moved to meet  assn. standards

2 new tournaments have sprung g up elsewhere.  Chandos thinks we should take itout of PAR and into another organization.  Some in PAR want it to go away.  Might need to meet with parks and rec.

 P&R Meeting tonight at 5:30 for PAR, at Rec Hall.

Chandos was told by some that they didn’t care is Atomic Days and atomic days softball went away.

Old Elementary school has created a liability issue because it is private property.

Chad asked about g whether there is a move to create a full-fledged recreation  organization…

KyLnnett is still coming…and M. could like here to come to live here and this would be a benefit to the community…

Lots of entertainments and activities….

Fun Run….Taylor didn’t see it in the “regular” runner channels channels.

M. asked Amy to help with a permanent 50-60 theme

Shelly S.  Cruse In to start from airport.  Cheer leaders are going to do a dance.

Shelly S:  cruise in not limited to old cars, old new fancy OK

KOA has Arco T shirt…M. to talk to Hot Ink about –…
Jack moved to have t-shirts made $500/Rupp/ approved—shelly S agreed to help sell
Atomic Days Rodeo Advertising Sales

Business Binder/ Work Coordination
Number of people have gotten hired by applying though the contractors and employers book

“Top Shot” Event
Brad indicated that we are going to bring in a cardiologist;  aggressive action to to bring in optometrist/ 

Next Meeting Program and Location
La Costa opens at 9:30 AM but might open early for a meeting but needed more than 1 day notice---Karen Richards next month

Shelly/ Brad/carried

By Law Committee
Nothing to report
Days and times of Chamber meetings to improve

Discussion of Classes

Craters Gateway
Sent to Candice


Table top advertising

Youth entrepreneurship


Next Meeting
July 9th, La Costa


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