Saturday, September 6, 2014

Chamber Minutes for August 2014

Butte County Chamber of Commerce
Draft Minutes
August, 13th  2014,
La Costa Taquería

Candice Larson, Melinda Shodin, Shelly Rupp, Jack ? , Rose Bernal, Robin Pearson, Clay Condit, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dean,  Katie, Janet  Thornock

The meeting was called or order at 8:08

Added to agenda- Nominations for officers,
New prospective member Robin Pearson @ Timberline repair

Approved with correction to July minutes- Rose reported on 4th of July parade, not Candace, in Atomic Days final in tined to be changed to Chandos?

Financial report
Jack  moved and Shelly seconded acceptance of financial report
$3410.00 Balance ; bills still coming from Atomic Days
Breakfast; $529.00 Profit; with $985.48 in food expenses
T-shirts $100 profit; Jacks gave $100;  8 shirts are at Jacks to sell also, Bargain Barn has some and Mountain Man.

Lost Rivers Medical Center wants to take over Atomic Days breakfast. Shelly Rupp is researching cheaper food options, keeping in mind we use John’s permits/licenses

Community Review

Candace reported focus team leaders:
Rose is economic development
Shelly Shaffer is Community Involvement
Clay Condit is team leader for Community Identify
Idaho Rural Partnership is sending out community review survey from Boise .  Please encourage individuals to fill them out 
After the review and survey results the team leaders and their teams will follow through with completion.

Atomic Days review

Over 300 people came to the breakfast it was a success
Booth count down, Jaci Hill, the new High School counselor and is excited to continue working with us.

It was discussed whether or not softball or horseshoes will be doing their own advertising from here on out since they have not contributed to the Chamber to help cover the cost of advertising.

Vendor complaints regarding John’s trailers impeding the flow of movement to the ones who are behind the shelter  we need to remedy this problem, discussion on moving vendors and making a map.

Metal Specialties is retiring from being in charge of the parade, we need a replacement.

Cindy Jardine’s  program was a success she would like to do it again next year

Cruise IN: Successful for the 1st year, needs more advertising and outreach to outside communities

Melinda had 2 families offer to help with Atomic Days next year  the Taylors and Leola Duke

Junior Achievement in 2 classrooms at the school

Dragonfly tarps  New business Matt Nelson owner, possibly invite him to come and speak.

Invited Robin Pearson to speak at a future meeting

Leadership training classes, Alan Shaffer, has agreed to run some classes this fall/winter.

Next meeting Mountain Man Trading Post 8am on September 10th
Shelly moved to adjourn, Jack seconded.

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