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Chamber Hears from Optometrist, Plans for Ribbon Cuttings and Recognition Programs

September 10th 2014

Mia Hayes, Clay, Helen Merrill, Mary and Richard Dean, Melinda Shodin, Janet. Brad Huerta, Dr Cody Jones, Chandace Gammett, Katie Browlee
Meeting called to order at 8.15 by Melinda
Agenda approved moved by Brad 2nd Janet
Previous minutes were read by Melinda; Janet made a correction to the financial report. $1000.89 profit added from the Atomic Days with $500 being from added sponsorship not in previous calculations

No other corrections were made to minutes moved to approve minutes as corrected by Janet, 2nd Helen

Financial Report given by Janet
Melinda mentioned the advertising on the poster if members and advertisers had paid, questions were asked by members that there was no billing sent out so confusion about where to pay or who to pay., Janet offered to bill out advertisers if a list was provided. Melinda had a copy of the poster. The chamber offers members a reduced rate of $10 per square.
Janet also collected $235 from booth holders

Chandace mentioned that parks and rec had a meeting tonight and she would mention this topic there.

Dr Cody Jones a new Optometrist who has a main office in Blackfoot will now have a new office in the hospital right next to the Bengal Pharmacy and will be starting practice there next Tuesday; his offices hours in Arco will be Tuesdays from 8-6. opening up the opportunity if he can find a local person to staff another half a day a week without him present for billing and adjustments and pick up of prescriptions etc.
Dr Jones gave us some background of his professional life and social. He graduated from Pennsylvania Optometry School in 2006 then served 3 years in the navy and was a Naval based Doctor in San Diego until 2009, returned to Blackfoot and has practiced there since.
Services will include comprehensive eye exams, contact lens, optical, and disease treatment, he will co-manage surgical intervention and consultations/ serving all ages taking insurance and will offer cash based incentives for those without insurance.

An open house is tentatively scheduled for October 14th at 6pm
Members discussed ribbon cutting schedule and it was decided on that it should be the week before the open house to allow for the Advertiser to coincide the article Midday on the 7th of October was tentatively scheduled
His office phone will be 684 7114

Community review listening session was outlined by Clay.
Tuesday Sept 23rd at 7pm in Mackay is the session and then a report session from this meeting will be on the 25th at 7pm at the school
Members mentioned that community support for this is vital as there are granted allocated that is needed for the community organizations that come from this sort of community extension.

Discussion of Thanksgiving events
Turkey bucks
There is interest in it and some $ have already been collected along with some turkeys already donated. Helen Merrill noted last year she was interested in heading this up, *addendum to this by Helen is that she will be in the middle of her Coroner campaign and is willing to help out with the logistics but will not be able to head up, she will contact other members to see if there is someone willing to be head of this*

Melinda introduced the idea of a winter event with decorations and lawn ornaments etc for people to look at and bring children to. Brad mentioned that the Hospital has removed some dead trees from the parking lot of the hospital but there is still a very large tall tree by the entrance of the pharmacy that they are considering having as the ‘official Christmas tree’ this year with a celebration surrounding the lighting of the tree with activities on the 3rd or 4th of Dec to coincide with the Festival of trees as a kickoff to this. Members discussed incorporation the winter festival idea to expand the hospital event into the car park, logistics of this were discussed. Shelley is heading up this project and will be the contact for the Chamber.

Mia talked about the Talent show, she needs someone to be the distribution person for the citizen of the year and the business of the year, a new committee needs to be formed to vote on these two things before the talent show, Mia will be away most of October so is needing someone to be the distributor of the forms, Chandace offered to do that. Brad offered to take the idea of a committee to the VFW, there will be an article in the paper 2 weeks before the talent show and advertising will start then as to dates, times and location of talent show and where to get the citizen/business of the year forms.
Mia was concerned that the nomination process happens.

Richard Dean mentioned that the chamber needs to have a tabletop sign that allocates that the chamber meeting was being held which can be at every meeting so people in the community can see why there is a group of people at that business, discussion about continuing to rotate businesses was put forward and a unanimous decision was made that it should be at all the different businesses.

Chandace said that she will hang the posters for Mia.
Chandace reported on the pharmacy, she said that they have now reached the 5000 prescription mark and since moving the productivity and business has shot through the roof.

Brad reported on the hospital and we now have a new cardiologist Dr Gorman once a month and if needed or sees an increased need would increase that number per month.
Brake for Breakfast will be held on October 1st. at 7am
Dr Ory Brown is a new general practitioner on staff. January will see an OBGYN coming up.
Michelle Pearson NP is leaving.
Second year in a row the hospital will report figures in the black rather than in the red.
The hospital is going paperless and will be Cloud based. There is a new roof going on right now, money well spent as there was advice from engineers that it wouldn’t make another year.
Hospital is visiting the senior center this week and has been out in the community presenting what has been accomplished over the past 18 months.

Meeting adjourned at 9.10 motion made by Helen 2nd by Brad.

Next meeting scheduled at the Golden West Café

November meeting to be held at the Hospital.

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