Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chamber Met October 8th: Draft Minutes

The Butte County Chamber of Commerce
October 8th at 8 AM at Jack's Travel Plaza on US 20-26.

Draft Minutes for October 8th
Attending: Chad Cheyney, Mea hays, S. Rupp, Brad Huerta, Clay Condit, Shelley Shaffer, Richard Dean, Katie Brownlee, Helen Merrill, Melinda Shodin, Candice Larson, Rose Bernal
Call to order
The meeting was called to order by Melinda at 8:02 AM in Jacks Travel Plaza.

Agenda approval/additions
Torch Light parade discussion was added
Helen Merrill / Katie Brownlee/ approved
Approval of minutes
Mea pointed out several corrections to the minutes concerning the variety show, which Chad corrected in the file
Katie  Brownlee moved to accept w/corrections /Helen Merrill/ approved
Treasurer’s report
Janet reported the treasury balances by text.  $2839.23 total with $240.50 reserved for the rodeo

Discuss ribbon cuttings for optometrist/”Hand Me Downs”
Optometrist will have his open house and ribbon cutting –October 21st at 5 PM

“Hand Me Downs” will have theirs on  Friday October 10th at 10 AM—
Shelly R is the lead on the optometrist

Shelly S. is going to contact the Advertiser, and members are encouraged to attend.

Does Chamber want to help with PTAs haunted spook alley?
The PTA has requested help with their spook alley.  They told Shelly S. that they were planning to have the spook alley at the fairgrounds---
There were no commitments from anyone at the meeting to help with the spook alley.
Discussion about judges for person/business of the year by Brad
Brad assured the meeting that the VFW would be happy to judge the applications for citizen and business of the year. 

Paper forms will be at the Business Center and at the Credit Union and Tips and Toes----
The hospital will print the paper forms

Chad will put them up electronically with articles, etc if they are sent to him
Mea Hays report on talent show Nov 6th posters/Cindy Jardine
Posters are printed/started…Cindi and Mea have the program figured out. 

Discussion about doing it with donation.  Shelly said that they did better when they did things by donations…

There was a discussion of whether there should be a charge or whether it should be by donation.  Shelly S. indicated that here experience was that they had done better “by donation” than by charging, but that someone needed to greet people near the donation box.
Handed out posters to put up, more will be coming.

Mea will put an article in the paper and email to Chad

Mea will put additional advertising in the paper before the program
Helen Merrill to head up turkey bucks?
Helen will be gone all of November.  Will not be back to the 6th of December.  There are several businesses interested in participating and perhaps the drawing could be in conjunction with the hospital tree lighting.

Helping hospital with the lighting of the tree/date? Organize if possible the businesses that wish to help with participation.
The Irrigation Center would like to help with Christmas. 

Brad indicated that (which) Monday night Oct 20 is a community dinner sponsored by the hospital at the Baptist Church.  They will be having deep fried turkeys.

Brad indicated that the hospital will be sponsoring a Community Tree Lighting--On Dec 1st at the hospital.  The hospital was planning about a 30 minute activity with an adult choir and perhaps a blessing on the tree….as the discussion progressed light…this grew into an event…didn’t want to step on the festival of trees.  This will be a kickoff to the festival…30 minute program. 

There was some consideration if this was a community wide activity if there would be a parking issue. 

Shelly talked about community review about how people were torn  with too many events and suggested that groups coordinate and each do part of the program.
Chad will check with Father Ed Weber to see if he will bless the tree.

Chamber of commerce would do the goodie bags…ATC will lead this cost ab out $1 per bag  by thanksgiving

Contact Shelly help with hospital tree.
Christmas lights for trees along Front Street?
Chad related that they Chamber used to light the spruce trees on Front Street and Ernie lighted a small group one winter…There was some discussion that perhaps starting small and growing the activity into a Chamber fun activity might be worthwhile
Chad is going to check with Helen Hansen to make sure it is OK to use the lights.

Shelly going to talk to Ross about lights and using the city crew.

Richard D thought that Ernie might lead that again
Melinda suggested that the hospital  get banners similar to those used at a Atomic Days to advertise the event and put them on the gazebo at the park.

Discuss next meeting time and place.
Hospital will host the next meeting and will provide breakfast for anyone who is planning to attend and sends an RSVP to Shelly R.  The meeting is  2nd Wed, Nov 12th
Those planning to attend should RSVP to Shelly at

Torch Light Parade
Melinda related that apparently when the AEC decision to site the nuclear facility was announced, a torch light parade was held in  Arco to celebrate, although some of the local ranchers were opposed.  There was a picture as some discussion of where reenacting this event could boost the 50-60s theme as well as provide another event to attract visitors. –

Candace  related the Community Review suggestion that we adopt a comic book –Jettisons theme….another 50’s deal is “Glamping”

ATV Rally/Misc
Candace and Rose met with local ATV committee about adding on the the ATV rally and will coordinate with Rally in the Pines to add trails toward this end of the valley
Melinda pointed out that people with car show cars want to get them out and providing additional places for them to display cars, eg Atomic Days was good… 

Candace indicated that as a result of the rally, Mackay is in “Dirt Toys”. Candace discussed more about tourism and ….

Mr. Nelson would like to have kids do cut metal signs….

Brad indicated that they hospital would let the chamber advertise on their property next to the hospital.

ATV Committee
Rose wants to know anyone who would like to be involved in ATV promotion to contact here.  They need not be ATVers.  They want to get more photos that can be put on a website to attract visitors.



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