Monday, December 29, 2014

Chamber Minutes from November 2014

  The Butte County Chamber of Commerce
November 12th, 2014
Lost River Medical Center Conference Room
Draft Agenda
Attending: Brad, Shelly Rupp, Mary Dean, Richard Dean, clay Condit, Shelly Shaffer, Jack Jensen, Katie Browlee, Melinda Shodin, Chad Cheyney, Mea Hays, Candice Larsen, Rose Bernal

Call to order
8:07 AM.   Breakfast provided by Lost Rivers Medical Center.

Agenda approval/additions

Katie/ Clay / approved
Approval of minutes
Brand indicated that the reference to putting banners up near the hospital, should refer to the hospital property near the Travel Plaza
Brad moved to approve as amended/ Mea /

Treasurer’s report
Melinda passed the treasures report around, attached.   There was $221 brought in by the variety show not on the report, but the awards are not on the report either
Candace/ Katie/ approved

Canopy Purchase
18 x 26 canopy for sale by Judy Stedfelt.  Regular $400 and will sell it for $200.  Hercules style canopy.  Katie suggested that it be rented out to fund it.  It is needed for several chamber events.
Shelly R moved to purchase for $200/ Candice/ approved
Variety Show
Mea thanked Brad and the VFW for doing the evaluation of recognition.  There was a suggestion to have applications and a locked deposit box in the BIC all year long.

Awards were $20 each.  The advertising $129.  There may other bills not on the report as well

Revisions  in the By-Laws
Only the by-laws need to be change.
Chad moved to have recommendations for changes to the bylaws to be sent to Chad by 1/1/15/ Jack/ Approved
Outdoor Equipment Swap
Melinda passed around a summary of the suggestion for a outdoor equipment swap in April.  See hndout.  She needs to come to a meeting and tell us what she wants from us.
Shelly/ Shelly/ apparoved
Seasonal Promotions

     Turkey Bucks
Judy Hamilton is the lead on the Festival of Trees.  Last year we solicited gift certificates to be given away at the Festival of Trees. 

Last year the turkeys were given as gift cards to the A&A. 

We decided to run the turkeys through the Festival of Trees rather than an independent activity. 
Melinda will talk to Janet about who volunteer and to Judy to see if we can give them
     Coordination with Irrigation Center
Last year’s program was a onetime thing and the Irrigation Center will help with whatever we do.

     Coordination with Wish upon a star
Room 203 will be in use before 8 am and after 4 pm on December 19

     Business Center
Discussed a seasonal mall….

ATV rally not on Atomic Days.  Rose stated an RV committee trying to get a Yamaha grant to do senior projects for trail map and video.

No grant on poles for signs but might RMP might fund.

Area marketing brochure.

Parks and rec grants.  Drafts by December.

Discussion of what cities are contributing to support LRED. 

Pretty City Committee
Clay participated in community review as team leader.  Pretty city committee which will look to find citizens that are willing to start cleaning up one place at a time.

People are resistant to being told, but may accept help cleaning up.

Mica, city developer for Hailey, approached business to help fund improvements and frontages.  Discussion of how to renovate the old hotel.

Moved and seconded to extend the meeting to 9:15
Hospital Tree Lighting
The program will be December 1st , with tree lighting at about 5:30 pm.  Live Nativity at 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM cookies and cider.  Guy will provide treats for the animals.  Still need give away treat bags.  S

Shelly S.  Recommended that we publicly share on Facebook.

Katie (ATC) is going to stuff the bags and provide out oranges.

Melinda will get candy canes

Jack was going to donate something, someone needs to call him..

Need to have materials to ATC by the November 24th.

If there is anything else call needed Shelly S or Rose.

Anyone interested in donating or purchasing a tree/wreath? 
Christmas lights for trees along Front Street?
Wed 19th at 10 AM, ATC will be there to help put up lights in the Lions Memorial Park
Katie will call if there is a problem with the crews.
Discuss next meeting time and place.
Next meeting in Jan
Candace moved to cancel the December meeting/ Mea
ATC open house on 21st of November….
Chad asked Katie to email material for the blog


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