Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chamber Views "Slow Death of Rural America" at February Meeting

The Butte County Chamber of Commerce
February  11, 2015, Deli Sandwich Shop
Draft Minutes
Attending: Zebbie Davidson, Helen Merrill, Richard and Mary Dean, Clay Condit, Brad Huerta, Ann Carr, Karen Timb, Rose Bernal, Chad Cheyney

Call to order
Called to order 802 by Dr. Helen Merrill.

Agenda approval / additions

Approval of minutes

Brad moved to approve the minutes as submitted /clay/ approved
Treasurer’s report
Not present

Jon Barrett – Community Review
Probably will have the presentations on the 11th of March in Mackay, and the 12th of March in Arco.

Presentation: Brief History of LR Valley and Video: Slow Death of Rural America

Chad showed the video

and the graph of population in the towns of the Lost River Valley and Butte county.  There was a discussed of what might be done to implement suggestions in the video.
Tax and other incentives to entice business to move here.
Do things to entire people to live where they play, including “cleaning up” main street and the town
Helen discussed the planning meeting.  Everyone at the meeting was in agreement that we needed to upgrade main street and the upgrade to national park.  Salmon is focused on keeping main street good looking and creating places to meet.
Chamber has an interest in representing their interests to the government. 
Helen spent a lot of time traveling and visited Phillipsburg, MT.  Chamber and City work together to “force” new business into empty buildings on main street and work to get historical funds to renovate them.
We need to focus our effort as a chamber.
Karen discussed the psychology of the self-defeating
Discussed whether there we should go to the city.
Brad moved to let Helen represent the Chamber at the City Council to find out about nuisance laws / second Clay /approved
Presentation:  Outdoor Equipment Swap, Karen Timb
Karen reviewed her project.  All kinds of equipment from small to trails and vehicles.
Currently moving to the program to the Rec Hall.  Karen is going to the city to see if she can use the .Rec Hall.   Chad suggested that she also look at the rodeo grounds, and the new community hall, but community building would not.

Hand-me-downs - Zebbie
The store will begin carrying so discount food.
Extra food will go to Emergency Food Bank.
She will be placing flyers around town with the slogan, “Friendly folks with and old fashion price”.
She will be cleaning up the store windows to promote the business with cute ideas.
She would like to have another grand opening for the food store the first week of March.

Report on Annual Plan of Work

Helen reviewed the notes from the strategic planning notes.  Will have another planning meeting.
Helen is proud to be a chamber member and wants to encourage others to join the chamber.

Discuss next meeting time and place.
Discussed the choices for the next meeting, Mexican restaurant, Mountain View, RV, Mountain Man...depending on who is open.
The Irrigation Center is interested in making a presentation, and Brad suggested the executive directors of other Chambers. Ned Hunter and Linda Martin have both offered to come speak to the chamber
Helen to extend meeting past 9:00 am/ Brad/ approved
Adjourned at 9:07 AM

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