Saturday, March 7, 2015

Butte Chamber to Meet March 11 at Taqeria La Costa

Monthly Meeting:
The Butte County Chamber of Commerce will hold their monthly meeting on Wednesday March 11th at the Taquería La Costa on West Grand Avenue.  The will be opening early for the meeting.  Rose Bernal will be bringing some coffee.  The restaurant has soda and water, if you want some other beverage you should plan on bringing it..  Hector told me that breakfast burritos will be available.  Minutes of the February meeting are on line at

Slow Death of Rural America (12 mins.), Roger Brooks:

Meeting Program
Our program for the March meeting will be the Irrigation Center.   The Irrigation Center has recently widened their product and service line to include tires, lubrication and soon, field and roadside service for vehicles and tractors.

 Change the Name!
There will also be a report on the “Change the Name” campaign.  The Community Review, Arco Economic Development team and Chamber representative will be reporting on their progress and the next steps required to get the name of the 1924 portion of the Craters changed by Congress from a monument to a National Park.  This change would have no effect on boundaries, budget, or uses inside the current national monument and preserve.  Much of the area of the preserve and expanded (2002) monument continue to permit hunting, grazing and motor vehicle use.  Changing the name will increase the national and international visibility of the park and may bring 30+% more visitors to the park who could become familiar with the Lost River Valley, and either recreate more here, move here, or move or start a business here….

Community Review Report
The Community Review Report is finally finished, and Mike Field and Jon Barrett will be returning to Mackay on March 11th and Arco on March 12th to give a verbal report to the community on the “visiting teams” recommendations, the community survey, as well as some short reports from the economic development team, the community involvement team, and the community design teams in each community.  Meetings begin at 7:00 PM in the school auditoriums in Mackay and Arco respectively.

We should also have an updates on:
Outdoor Equipment Swap;
The annual plan of work;
Visit from Chamber professionals in Idaho Falls or Pocatello

Next meeting program and location.

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