Saturday, April 4, 2015

Butte County Chamber Minutes from March 11th 2015

Butte Chamber of Commerce
March 11th 2015, Taqueria La Costa


Called to order by Helen Merrill at 8.03 am
Agenda Approval motion Janet, second Clay
Approval of minutes Motion by Janet second Brad
Treasurers report $2670.89 Balance $240.57 Rodeo Allocation TOTAL $2430.38 remaining balance
Correspondence: Arco ID potentially develop new flyer for Arco
Chamberwise email. Webinar available ask Chad for more information
Craters Committee asking for a donation to help cost of printing brochures and subsequent expenses with seeking the National Monument to become a National Park Motion made by Brad that the Chamber donate $150 to the cause, seconded by Shelley, all in favor.

Candice spoke about the ATV rally brochure and that sponsorships were available, handed out forms and flyers to members. There is a new LRED website up and running and she was learning to implement some pages and features as she added them so it could be a slow process but its there. It will have a business directory. A new Brochure is being made for (?) LRED

Irrigation Center: Two representatives from the Irrigation Center attended the meeting and presented a short summary of the new services available at the IC. They have a new service line with two lifts, they are mainlining USA made tires, there is 3 levels of service available, including oil changes, car cleaning. Questions from board member if there was a detailing service in the works, they will see how their new lines go first!

Change The Name: Helen Merrill and Rose Bernal presented what had been happening since the last Chamber meeting, they had met with Sen. Crapo who made it obvious that he would look at the proposal if Butte and Blaine Co. could show local support. There is an education session being held in Arco on the 16th of March at 7pm at the BIC center by Superintendent Dan Buckley and Commissioner Rose Bernal and Butte Co Chamber member Helen Merrill to introduce locals to the concept, why its being pursued and what the potential economic development could be to this whole area. Rose and Helen along with other members of the Change the Name committee will be meeting with both the Senators and the Congressmen's' representatives on Wednesday to glean a better idea of timeline and what form we as a county and businesses can show that we support the upgrade from Monument to a Park.
Discussion on the planning meeting last month for the Chamber, Mea asked for help with the Community recognition, discussion on the Chamber being the sponsor of the student award, Katie asked about how that would work, rather than a single member being the sponsor it should come from the Chamber of Commerce as a whole.
Motion to extend the next meetings until after summer to 1 1/2 hours to cover Atomic days and other events. Melinda mentioned that there is a separate Atomic days meeting taking place for planning. Motion made by Brad seconded Helen.
Brad to schedule Matt Hunter from Pocatello Chamber for the May meeting, Hospital to host that meeting at Shelley's request.
Katie offered to go through the email list for Chamber members and make notes to bring to next meeting.
Next meeting to be held at the RV park if Ron is ready if not the Mountain man will host.
Agenda requests for April meeting:
Candice- fundraiser idea
Shelly Schaffer- Butte Co Centennial Feb 6 2017 representing as County Clerk
High School senior award whether the Chamber wants to do this or not

Luau, Atomic Days, Webpage. 

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