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Chamber Minutes from April 8th 2015

The Butte County Chamber of Commerce
April 8th, 2015, Mountain Man Trading Post
Draft Minutes
Attending: Clay Condit, Mary and Richard Dean, Katie Brownlee, Shelly Rupp., Melinda Shodin, Helen Merrill, Shelly Shaffer., Marie Cummins, Mea Hays., Karen Timb, Dan Buckle, Candice Larsen, Jack Jensen, Rose Bernal, Chad Cheyney

Call to order
Called to order at 8:01 AM

Agenda approval / additions

Approval of minutes
Minutes were provide and on line
Katie/Clay/ approved
Treasurer’s report
Chad read the report from Janet.  Chamber balance is $2550.66 with $142.51 in Rodeo Funds with a Chamber net of $2408.15.  Janet also sent along the most recent list of paid up members.
Terry Hansen-consultant would like to come and make a presentation to the Chamber
Rhonda-not coming, out of town
Janet – sent report, conference all

It was felt that the business meetings would be busy until January and asked Melinda to ask if they would like to come at that time
Program: Update on “Change the Name”
Helen---The committee really only got going a month ago, and has made great progress.  The memorial for changing the name went through state senate, but has not gotten though the house.  There was some discussion that ploliticians felt that effort committee was progressing “too quickly”.  Farm Bureau of Idaho has expressed some concerns.  It is possible that there is some unrelated be politics involved in the delay as well.  The delay will, however, provide more time to provide education.  Some other individuals have interests that they want addressed including boundary changes and water rights issues.  Resolutions have been received from 3 of 5 of the “touching counties”.  The committee will be meeting with Blaine county again next week.
Cattlemen from the Pioneer Alliance were concerned that that it was going too fast.  The  Pioneer Alliance is Carey Revitalization, NRCS, Ranchers, etc. Some ranchers may try to hitch their interest to the project., which could make it much more difficult. 
Marie is confident that this will pass next year.  They had 27 cosponsors in the house.
Candice has passed information on to tourist people in other areas about the effort.

Arrangements for Donations for “Change the Name”
Helen indicated that they are getting folks interested in contributing to the effort financially.
Consulted with Janet and with the Wells manager.  Colette is still on the account as signer. 
Committee to put together a sponsorship form. There was a discussion of whether these donations could be considered charitable donations. Chad pointed out that the Chamber is registered with the state as a non-profit corporation, but does not have a 501(c)3 status from IRS.  It may be possible to use the NHA
Marie Cummins move to remove Collet Atwood as a signatory of the Wells Fargo accounts, and replace her with Helen Merrill, second Shelly Rupp.  The motion passed unanimously.   Chad, Janet and Helen need to meet with the Wells Store manager to sign the signature card, but he only comes every two weeks.
Fund Raising Idea (Candice Larsen)
Candice is working on here brochure.  Leader  for the brochure will be the “ATV Capital of Idaho”.  Arco will be the “Gate Way to the Craters”
Fundraising:  Paramount theatre in Idaho Falls is selling coupon books.  These contain movie coupons as well as coupons from IF businesses.  Service organization sells the booklets and get ½ the receipts and the theatre gets half to fund new equipment.  ---Originally they were going to help the school with this program, but she thought that she should bring it to the Chamber first.
There seemed to be some interest in the idea.
Anyone interested in working on this project should get with Candice, but not before May.
Butte County Centennial (Shelley Shaffer)
Centennial is Feb 6, 2017
She went to other clerks and asked about what they did for centennials.  Others created a book of local history.
The County Centennial Committee is reaching out to other organizations for help and ideas for the celebration.
Considering having an open house at the court house on the centennial day, and ask the kids from school to come on a field trip.
The commissioners want to incorporate it into into Atomic Days and 4th of July.

High School Senior/Teacher Awards
Discuss of problems / discussion of plaque sponsorship / discussion of how it has been done in the past/ discussion  of how it is to be done in Mackay
Katie-moved to discontinue the program, but the motion died for lack of a second.

Shelly R.  Moved to have the Chamber sponsor up to $300 for the awards program for high gpa seniors based on records, most improved student selected by teacher and best teacher selected by the student council.  / second Marie/ approved

Luau (Melinda Shodin)
Rose indicated that the Bargain Barn would like to use this as part of a customer appreciation day activity by providing free hotdogs
Jack suggested that we not try to provide a full meal as most felt that this was too expensive.

Rose and Jack will work on the food issue.
Get with Rose or Melinda if you want to help.
Katie will look into a portable stage.
Atomic Days (Melinda Shodin)
We have a band coming and rodeo is going to do a motor cycle rodeo.
Pepsi and perhaps the hospital will be sponsors of the tee shirts.
The poles might get in this year for the highway signs.
Clay got a letter from the Arco (submarine dry dock) and the commander is coming to Atomic Days this year.  Clay will forward program to him.
Local businesses need to be members to vote.
Shelly –Cancer Awarabration is going away, and they would like to sell their canopies.
Atomic days meeting sat 11th at 1 pm at pickles place.

Melinda  moved to pay up to $125 for canopies including carry bags/Helen/approved
Rose—this is really important –need a sub meeting
Candice—tourism group—Candice is putting time into learning her webpage and will have webpage development funds for tourism–
Chad, Rose and some other will have a subcommittee meeting to discuss this, and tying into the new LRED site.
Membership Drive (Katie Brownlee)
Katie has a list of the members.  We have had some trouble with billing and visiting potential members.
Dues are due again in June. 
Katie is developing a plan and will be visiting businesses.  Chad will send recruitment brochure and lists to Katie.
Nomination Committee
Requesting participating to assure a slate of officer. 
Only members in good standing can vote for officers.
Shelly S and Katie B. agreed to serve as the nominating committee.   If you are interested in being an office, contact them.
Karen wanted to know if anyone wanted to sell food at the gear swap?  She received suggestions Pickles, Mountain Man or Mountain View RV

Report on Annual Plan of Work
See previous Handout
Helen moved for another planning meeting after atomic days/ Rose/approved
Discuss next meeting time and place.
May meeting will be at the Hospital
Program will be Matt Hunter from Pocatello Chamber. 
Shelly R will speak to Brad about scheduling Mr. Hunter..


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