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Chamber Hears from chamber professional Matt Hunter

The Butte County Chamber of Commerce
May 13th, 2015, Lost Rivers Medical Center Conference Room
Draft Minutes
Attending: Katie Brownlee, Helen Merrill, Rose Bernal, Brad Huerta, Matt Hunter, Marie Cummins, Dan Buckley, Candice Larsen, Brent Springer, Shelly Shaffer, Melinda Shodin, Janet Thornock, Helen Hansen, Ann Karr, Marym Dean, Richard Dean, Shelly Rupp, Jaci Hill, Chad Cheyney

Call to order
The meeting was called to order a 8:05 am  by Melinda Shodin

Agenda approval / additions

Shelly moved to amend the agenda to include the change of treasurer and the canopies /
Helen/ approved
Program: Update on  Mr. Matt Hunter, Pocatello –Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Hunter has been in Pocatello for 14 years and had been a manager for Red Lion.  Found a job with Chamber and has been there for 10 years. He loves the work and the community.
He distributed a brochure they use to recruit members.  Their big need/mission in Pocatello is to build networking between members.  Meetings are an effort for member to learn about the other members and what they could do for your business.  It’s all about building relationships, with the object to try to spend your personal and business money in the community.

The Pocatello Chamber does a monthly lunch meeting.  They also do “business after hours”.  A business sponsors the activity and provides all of the event activity, while the chamber advertises it.  Only Chamber member can hold a “business after hours” and they are charged by the Chamber.  It is a networking event, and the invitation list is set by the sponsor.  The sponsor talks and some door prizes…you get people to learn about your business…the sponsor can invite anyone, but only chamber member can have one.
Brad related the example of the Clinic.—similar to an “open house”.
The Chamber also has an advocacy function.  They have lots of committees to serve the members., with lots of different objectives.
The Idaho Chamber Alliance is a group of chambers that go together to hire a lobbyist.  Matt often goes to the legislature 2x a month during the session to testify.  He appears a city council or other meetings where the interest of the members are at a stake..
Local issues committee meets once a month for breakfast.  Military affairs committee has a wide variety of activities, the most famous are putting up 4000 cross for memorial day.
Chamber Champs is a committee that makes a personal visitation to a new member, and “adopt “them to get them engaged in chamber activities.
Education committee works to sponsor dual enrollment scholarship program for high school student that are enrolled in classes where they are getting high school and college credit.  The Leadership Pocatello program is a 2 year program which meets monthly to learn about the community the first year and about engagement the second year.  The Chamber offers points for engagement in a competitive program, and a participant needs to accumulate a certain number of points to “graduate” from the program.
Questions and Answer Session
We have had some incidents where feeling have been hurt…how do we heal old wounds?---This was done with total rebranding  of the chamber and review of the program…it helped the Chamber focus on who they were and who they serve.  They lose members every year but most come back if someone comes out to talk to them.  They have 5 full time and two part time paid staff…which makes this a lot easier for them to do.
Brad asks why joint the chamber-how do we communicate value to potential members.  The problem for small chambers is only they cannot support enough events to involve everyone.  Having a single event makes it had to engage a lot of businesses…small chambers fall apart if they burn out the active members, too.
Another way is to “prove” value…get involved in community to help member make contacts  to sell product.  Half of there members say that they support chamber for legislative issue that they support.
Candace described that LRED is going to offer to sell web advertising to businesses in the community. Idaho Power funds the Pocatello Chamber website.
Matt recommended that we do not put any effort into anything that will not pay for itself and raise money.  The only activity that they do that is not designed to make money is there Law Enforcement Appreciation event.
He indicated that while you want to have more than one event, you need to build one event at a time.  All of their events have sponsors.  You make your money on the sponsor.
Every event is through a Chamber member business.  The also encourage Chamber member to member discounts….but the members are not perfect….and sometime show outside the membership
Dues are high compared to Lost River.  Their budget is about $450,000 and $230-240000 comes from dues and the balance comes from sponsorships and events..  Dues are based on ability to pay. Basic dues are $270.  Dues increase with the number of employees, and large corporations may be charged based on numbers of customers or other criteria.  Maximum dues is about $4000. No free ride for anyone.
Butte needs to make an analysis of their current and potential customers to determine their needs. We also need to develop a “Member packet” to use in marketing the Chamber to a potential member.
Pocatello Board Structure includes 15 board members, plus 11 ex-offico members from government and large institutions.  Matt thought that the our board sounded small and  probably puts too much work on the volunteers.

Motion to Thank the speaker and the hospital

Chad moved to thank Matt for coming to speak to us and the LRMC for providing breakfast/ Helen M./ approved
Approval of minutes

Helen M move to approve the minutes  as published/Shelly R/approved
Treasurer’s report
Janet provided the report and announced that she is resigning.  Chamber $ 2383.89 ; Rodeo reserve $125.51.  Total $2383.89
Helen/ Shelly R/ approved
Letter from INL that they have been approved to move to the next level of grant program for the thermal power generation project.


Change the Name
Helen M has a letter to go to other chambers.  Will move on to members of congress in the next couple of months.  They have resoulution and approvals from all the commissions around the Crater. 
We may be able to join the Chamber Alliance, and obtain some professional lobbying help if needed
The committee has arranged a meeting with the FB and state legislators at the Craters to see if FB resistance can be overcome..
Should be able to move to the congressional level in a couple of months.

Fund Raising Idea (Candice Larsen)
No new input

Butte County Centennial (Shelley Shaffer)
Centennial is Feb 6, 2017

Shelly has torn out the cedar bushes and a new flower bed is being installed.  The county is going to get a rock engraved for the centennial.

High School Senior/Teacher/Service Awards
Helen H. discussed the senior recognition program that will be held on Monday 18th at the Business Center at noon; Jack’s Travel is sponsoring the meal; Helen called the parents and found out that the 18th was the senior sneak day, but this has been rearranged; plaques are ordered. 

Luau (Melinda Shodin)
Rose needs help with the parade   since she and Jack will be doing the food.  There needs to be a Luau committee meeting soon.

Atomic Days (Melinda Shodin)
Cruise in is still on according to Shelly S.  However the City is concerned about allowing vehicles in the park with the new sprinkler system, This is a potential problem for vendors and the band stand.
We have a 50’s-60’s band from Twin for $150
Schedule of events with sponsorship will be discussed in the committee meeting.

Chad has control of all the domains and has redirected them to the “blog”.  He has added standing pages with information, and can add links to member pages or a standing page for member without a page.  The platform is not as “cool” as others but can be made “cooler” and is FREE.

Membership Drive (Katie Brownlee)
Katie thinks that we should delay membership drive until dues are restructured.

Nomination Committee
Current bylaws call for the election in June and the officers  take office in January—feeling that this needs to be shorten.
Current Nominees
Helen Merril for president
No vice-president
Treasurer-Katie Brownlee and Shelly Rupp
No secretary
Matt thinks 4 officers and 5 board members are necessary to prevent burnout.  In Pocatello all the committee chairs come from the regular members.
Interim treasurer.
Janet resigned her long time position as treasurer as she is moving to Oregon.
Shelly R move to appoint Katie as the interim treasurer and as a signer on the Chamber account/second/ approved
Shelly R has arranged the purchase two canopies from the Awarbration Committee for $200.  She is working on getting the LRMC storage cleaned out so that there could be a place to put them..
Helen M. moved to lend the tents to the Veterans benefit this weekend/Brad/approved.
Discuss next meeting time and place.
The next regular meeting is June 10th.  We are supposed to have our annual meeting in June…do we want to have a dinner meeting?
We will look into have an evening meeting at a member restruant.
LRED Brochure
Candace presented the draft of the tourism brochure.  There is continued discussion on this, and she is receiving LOTS of “input”.
LRED will be doing a 4wheeler brochure.
LRED received a grant for $4000 last year for tourism.
She is trying to get a preliminary version together for the Rally in the Pines.

LRED Website
Candace indicated that at the Travel Council meeting that they told here that “We don’t have a web presences”
Business will be listed in the newest iteration.  The web site will be tourism focused….They will be charging for some level of advertising, and may have a plan to share some of the revenue with the respective chambers.


Shelly R/ Janet / approved

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